apx_completesm.jpgFully integrated EPOS system running on standard PC solves accounting and inventory management headaches for small shop owners and convenience managers. AccuPOS is growing from strength to strength in 2008 with the latest version of the award-winning EPOS solution for small-to-medium sized retailers, available to buy now from AccuPOS UK. Based on extensive customer feedback, this popular electronic point of sale PC software includes many new and easy-to-use features specifically designed for use by today’s retail entrepreneur.

El-Azar Levy, European Manager of AccuPOS UK, said: “AccuPOS Retail 2008 packs in a wealth of new customer-driven features and improvements that simplify and speed up everyday tasks. Every one of our new enhancements came from customer feedback on how we could improve EPOS and accounting and inventory management. The end result is that AccuPOS makes EPOS a simple and powerful tool for a retail entrepreneur who wants to focus their energies on growing their business.”

AccuPOS Retail 2008 is fully compatible with all the major small business accounting programmes, including the latest 2008 release of the popular Quickbooks accounting software, Sage Line 50 and Peachtree by Sage. Automatically saving sales and customer information collected at the point of sale into the accounting software, AccuPOS eliminates the need to re-enter the data and the errors that can naturally occur. This latest version also notifies you via e-mail if the transaction fails to update, allowing the problem to be resolved immediately.

AccuPOS Retail 2008 further simplifies inventory management, making it easier and quicker to see what stock remains unsold and where it needs replacing. Managers can set up rules to automatically deduct one item when selling another quickly and easily using AccuPOS Retail 2008, offering the ability to drive exciting new promotional offers with minimal user intervention. All these changes are fed straight into your accounting software, ensuring you have much more accurate inventory control and reports.

The range of customer service features are extended inside AccuPOS Retail 2008. Locating customer accounts is made much easier by the addition of new search fields including name, company and phone number. Customer service handling is therefore made much more responsive and staff are better equipped to answer queries or resolve a problem.

The software also lets you set additional rules for how you want to manage specific customer accounts, for example automatic discounts for preferred customers. There also are safeguards in place whereby the manager can ensure users don’t discount a particular item where profit margins may be low.

AccuPOS Retail 2008 now offers a virtual EPOS training module which allows new employees to perform common transactions on the system without changing the books. New staff can be trained up to use the new EPOS software quickly with minimum impact on the rest of the business.

In 2009 AccuPOS allows QuickBooks users to add inventory into their QuickBooks directly from AccuPOS.

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