Easy to use and reliable, high performance laser coders like the Markem-Imaje 7031HD, are increasingly helping confectionery, dairy and other food manufacturers, not only to code yoghurt films and stick-type packs (coffee, sugar, etc.) but also to score these types of packs making them easy to open.

An excellent alternative to mechanical marking and pre-cutting systems the 7031HD is also provides permanent high quality codes, logos and text, reliably in the most demanding production environments.

The higher energy density of the Markem-Imaje 7031HD laser coder offers optimum print quality over a wide coding area (415 mm x 415 mm) and has been designed for the toughest of applications requiring multi-head scribing.

The 7031HD can even apply codes and perforate packs while running at up to 800 packs per minute – 24 seals can be coded in less than one second. Markem-Imaje CoLOS software allows messages to be positioned vertically or horizontally easily, reducing adjustment time while the software also allows control of several laser heads, creating an increased marking area (up to 830 mm with two heads).

A unique modular design makes upgrades and maintenance easy and a high specification internal cooling system provides unbeatable reliability, keeping running costs down by eliminating the need for external cooling equipment.

Like all Markem-Imaje equipment, the 7031HD is available through a range of financing options, including the SMILE programme, removing the need for capital expenditure. It also comes with Markem-Imaje’s unique uptime guarantee.


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