This essential travel item will once again be available from the grocery back wall – a key channel for those looking to ensure their trip is free from the symptoms of travel sickness.

Whether consumers are travelling for business or pleasure, it is important grocery teams are aware of Kwells availability and in a position to offer advice for this often debilitating condition.

Motion or travel sickness is something that affects many travellers, be it getting to the destination via air travel or committing to an excursion when away, eg a bus or boat trip.The condition occurs when one part of the balance-sensing system indicates that the body is moving, while the other parts do not sense motion.

Kwells contains the active ingredient, hyoscine hydrobromide, which stops the messages sent from the inner ear (responsible for detecting changes in the body’s position) reaching the vomiting centre in the brain, thus preventing motion sickness from occuring.

The symptoms of travel sickness include dizziness, nausea and even vomiting and can be treated with over the counter solutions available to help adults and children. As these are kept on the grocery back wall, grocery teams should take a proactive approach when engaging with consumers to ascertain if this is something the consumer needs in their holiday or travel health kit.

Kwells is a fast acting melt in the mouth tablet which helps to prevent travel sickness taking hold and can even be taken at the onset of nausea. The tablets get to work in 20-30 minutes and are available in two doses adult and child variants in packs of 12 tablets (300mg) in the adult format and 12 tablets (150mg) in the kids format.

Contact Ceuta Healthcare: 01202 449 725 to order your supplies.


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