What is Kraft Heinz’s big company news this year?

In the first launch under the Kraft brand since the merger with Heinz in July 2015, Kraft Heinz entered the UK frozen ready meal (FRM) category in April this year with the launch of its iconic Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. As the number one Macaroni & Cheese brand in the US , famously consumed by 50% of the American population , the launch aims to leverage Kraft across Europe – a move which signifies the start of its presence in the UK. In May this year, Kraft Heinz launched its second Kraft brand into the UK market. The number one nut brand in the US , Planters is a leading household $2bn brand. Kraft Heinz is replicating its success in the UK market an innovative range of differentiated nut products to meet a variety of consumers usage needs.
What effect has Brexit had for Kraft Heinz this year?

Since Brexit, Kraft Heinz continues to work closely with its customers and suppliers to ensure all parties are working as effectively as possible. Whilst Kraft Heinz is unable to comment on individual activity, the brand is committed to ensuring the Kraft Heinz portfolio is readily available to consumers and can still be enjoyed across a variety of meal occasions.

How are the different grocery product categories doing? How are the KH brands doing?

Beanz Heinz Beanz remains the strongest brand in the market, with 71.6% market share in retail channel. The performance of the beans category is reflective of an overall food trend we are currently seeing across the nation, as new habit post-recession shoppers are more conscious on the amount they are spending. As a result we have seen a +5% uplift vs 2016 for consumers using a shopping list when grocery shopping, whilst +2% are being more careful when shopping. We are also seeing consumers shop around more +3% – trends we expect to see increasing over the coming year.

Mayonnaise The introduction of the Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise range has been one of the biggest launches of the year from Kraft Heinz. The business spent 18 months working with over 5,000 consumers, to become mayonnaise experts, and channelled learnings into creating a ‘seriously good’ product, which has been built with consumers at the heart of it.

Soup Heinz remains the brand leader in the wet ambient soup category, with a share of 61.7% of the £293m category. Kraft Heinz takes their leadership position seriously, and it is their responsibility to better understand shoppers and to make our products, formats and marketing relevant and appealing to all modern consumers.

What marketing ‘firsts’ have Kraft Heinz come up with this year?

Love Soup Kraft Heinz launched a brand new £10.6m media campaign from 1st October, to drive category reappraisal and emotional engagement in the Soups category. With a 52% increase in media spend vs last year, the contemporary 360-degree media campaign aptly named ‘Love Soup’, celebrated the role Heinz soup plays in our lives, the emotional comfort it provides and the functional benefits it brings, while celebrating the moments that mark our love for Heinz Soup.

#CanSong Another marketing campaign first from Kraft Heinz was the #CanSong campaign. The initiative drove consumer engagement and was a reminder to the nation of their love for Heinz Beanz and the special role they play in mealtimes every day.

Kraft Heinz has developed a memorable 60 second TV ad which highlighted a number of situations in which people enjoy a portion of Heinz Beanz – from a mum serving fish fingers and Beanz for tea to her children, to a group of builders enjoying a hearty Heinz Beanz breakfast. All these moments were tied together with one song – ‘The #CanSong’ – with the rhythm cleverly produced using a Heinz Beanz tin.

Transformed into a musical instrument, the characters tap on a tin of Heinz Beanz to the original rhythm of the #CanSong. The end frame focuses on the product with a call to action to get involved with the #CanSong challenge and visit Heinz Facebook to discover more.



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