The KiSoft Warehouse Management System (WMS) from KNAPP controls operations at the new distribution centre of Romania’s leading wholesaler of refrigerated and frozen goods, Macromex. For compliance with legal regulations such as lot traceability, Macromex selected the KiSoft WMS for its new DC in Câmpia Turzii. This follows successful use of KiSoft at the company’s Bucharest facility since 2005.


At the new warehouse the KiSoft WMS controls all processes, including co-ordination with the subsystem responsible for the automatic high-bay pallet store for frozen foods. At a height of 42m, this is the tallest deep-freeze high-bay in Europe. In the manual fulfilment area, pickers are guided by RF terminals, as well as being voice-directed with KiSoft Voice, which is an advantage for workers wearing thick gloves.

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