Global warehouse automation provider, KNAPP, will be showcasing its brand-new Pick-it-Easy Evo workstation on stand D128 in Hall 20 at IMHX in September. “We will have live demonstrations on the stand,” says Craig Rollason, Managing Director of KNAPP UK, “to show visitors how Pickit- Easy Evo combines ergonomic design with intuitive operation to enable warehouse staff to work smart, not hard.”

A multitude of functions can be performed at the new workstation – from standard processes such as picking, decanting, consolidation and returns handling, to customer-specific operations. In addition, Pick-it-Easy Evo is designed to handle a broad range of goods and load carriers – containers, trays and cartons in various dimensions – with loads of up to 50 kg. “Developed to work in synergy with our OSR Shuttle™ Evo automated storage system,” explains Craig Rollason, “the Pickit- Easy Evo can either have a traditional connection to the store through a pre-zone or it can be connected directly to the OSR Shuttle™ in order to save space.”

OSR Shuttle™ Evo – the latest generation of KNAPP’s shuttle storage system – forms the heart of many of the company’s solutions. Developed with KNAPP’s experience from over 25,000 shuttles delivered across 250 shuttle systems worldwide, OSR Shuttle™ Evo is designed for optimum performance in terms of speed, availability, energy efficiency and durability.

redPILOT software

Also demonstrated on the stand will be KNAPP’s redPILOT software solution. This cloud-based software – developed by redPILOT GmbH, a start-up company within the KNAPP group – is designed to optimize warehouse logistics, with all experience gained being used for machine learning. The solution helps warehouse operators to use all available resources dynamically in order to optimize performance in a context of constantly changing factors such as order structure and delivery dates.

Virtual Reality experience

Visitors to the KNAPP stand will also have the opportunity to experience KNAPP’s virtual reality warehouse with its Pick-it-Easy Virtual system. “Equipped with VR glasses and joysticks,” explains Craig Rollason, “visitors will be able to move around interactively in our virtual warehouse to experience a range of KNAPP automation technologies at first hand.”

Core technologies

A key technology used in many KNAPP retail and e-com solutions is the company’s Pocket Sorter, which combines an overhead conveyor system with matrix sortation to arrange pockets containing picked items into the precise sequence required for dispatch. Other core technologies available from KNAPP include its OSR Shuttle™ Evo, Open Shuttle AGVs, the KNAPP-Store robotic ASRS, A-frame autopickers, the Pick-it-Easy robotic picking system and the range of garment-handling systems from KNAPP group member, Dürkopp Fördertechnik.

Global expertise

With over 1700 active installations worldwide, KNAPP designs, delivers and supports automated material handling systems that feature the latest storage, picking and transport technologies, along with leading-edge software. Headquartered in Graz, Austria, the KNAPP group employs more than 4,500 staff across 41 locations worldwide and achieved a net turnover of 954 million euros in the business year 2018- 19. Its key industry sectors are retail, e-commerce, fashion, healthcare, food retail and industry.

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