Kite Packaging, the UK’s premier packaging supplier, has announced the launch of several pallet wrapping machines to its website offering – including robot machines. Designed to improve warehouse efficiency and save costs in the supply chain, an entry level model can be purchased for just £2,495 – an incredibly competitive price point for advanced machines.

Robot-Master[1]Five turntable models are available, and are well recognised as the traditional method for wrapping pallets automatically. All the machines in the range can be programmed to alter the number of wraps per pallet, turntable speed and film carriage speed – however Kite’s more advanced systems have plenty more to offer.

The Rotoplat 708 is the highest end model of the range, and used in the company’s own warehouse to improve the pick, pack and dispatch operation. It features 15 adjustable parameters and an intuitive multi-level control function which allows the user to programme each pallet layer differently.

This allows you to adjust the tensioning differently for each layer and apply different numbers of wraps per layer, for example you may want four wraps on the bottom layer and only two at the top; the Rotoplat can do it all, and once programmed can be ‘locked in’ to prevent tampering.

Kite will also be offering a range of accessories to go with the systems, which include a ramp, for easy transition of goods, a pit frame, for new operations that plan to sink a machine in to the floor, and two configurations of digital weight scale.

Additionally, two robot machines have been introduced to the new range. Also known as ‘Mobile Pallet Wrappers’ these machines are in less frequent circulation than the traditional turntable machines, but becoming increasingly more popular due to the added flexibility they offer. Kite’s new range of machines is ideal for oddly shaped pallets and ‘ugly’ freight, as they move around the load to stabilise it, eliminating the need to maneuverer a load on to a wrapping base.

Robot machines are also hugely beneficial to operations where loads are to be wrapped at varying points in the warehouse, as they can move to several dispatch areas.

A spokesman for Kite Packaging said; “We are incredibly pleased to launch the new range of pallet wrapping machines on our website, and are confident that we have one of the strongest offerings of any UK packaging distributor. These advanced machines will help a variety of operations improve efficiency, and paired with our extremely competitive machine stretch film offering, those looking for automated systems needn’t look further than Kite!”

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