Employee-owned packaging company, Kite Packaging are constantly evolving their product range to bring new innovative solutions to market. Through their ‘Business to Business’ website they supply a wide range of stock products to industries such as mail order and dispatch, fulfilment, ecommerce, building and construction, warehouse, logistics, art and framing, removals and everything in-between.

Kite’s reputation for continual innovation was perfectly illustrated by their latest launch. Corrugated pallets are a strong, lightweight alternative to wooden and plastic pallets. The 100% recyclable product is glued together meaning there is no need for nails, and splinters are a thing of the past.

Stronger than cardboard, yet lighter than wooden crates and quick and easy to build, these pallets are designed for shipping products, and will save customers money on transport costs and allow more weight to be carried on each load.

Kite also has a range of pallet runners available. They are the perfect alternative for replacing wooden or other kinds of plastic runners and are the ideal solution to keep corrugated boxes off the floor or can be used in the same way you would a pallet i.e. with a pump truck or forklift.

They are ISPM15 exempt, meaning they can be sent anywhere in the world without the need for heat treatment and are formed with spiral wound tubes, caged with a 7 layer profile, bonded with PVA adhesive.



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