Kite Packaging supply a huge range of packaging products to support companies in stabilising loads and have recently extended their range to include pallet boxes, pallet bands and PPE strapping kits, each offering a range of benefits.

Kite’s pallet box without a pallet is the ideal solution for customers who already have pallets and just require the tray, cap and sleeve pallet box. The benefits of this large pallet box is that it can either be used purely as a large box for storage, can be placed on top of an existing pallet, or used with Kite’s individual corrugated pallet runners which can be attached to the bottom, therefore making it a pallet. So, if customers need something more versatile then this is the ideal solution.

Produced from 100% recyclable 40-micron Polyethylene (PE) film and 100% recyclable, Kite’s offering of Sanstrap pallet bands, a recognised name in the and industry, provide great stability, keeping products secure whilst in transit or storage. Once in place these polythene Sanstrap bands quickly grip, holding everything firmly on a pallet. They arrive perforated on a roll in an easy to use portable dispenser box, simply tear off and fit around the load, ensuring one band per layer.

Kite’s strapping kits are suitable for a wide range of uses and are available in our polypropylene, corded, polyester and steel strapping. Recently expanded, Kite’s polypropylene strapping kit range now includes a strapping kit with a combination tool which performs both the tensioning & sealing. It’s vital to have the correct tools for securing products, particularly for handling and transportation.

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