Takeaway food has soared in popularity both during and post-lockdown, causing attention to turn to the environmental impact of the packaging used by cafes, restaurants and other eateries. Kite Packaging champions paper products to best showcase sustainability while retaining professional standards of protection and presentation.

Paper is one of the most widely recycled global resources with an impressive recycling rate of 74%. Moreover, the paper industry is leading the way in terms of its renewable energy uptake and mitigation of carbon impact.

As a result, natural kraft paper is a superbly eco-conscious material for the burger boxes, takeaway trays, salad bowls and pizza boxes that Kite has recently launched. Paper is also utilised for the company’s coffee cups and straws, both of which are also fully recyclable.

These items present visible sustainability with the recognisable kraft hue, granting your business instant associations with environmental awareness and social responsibility. Customers can easily scrape food off the packaging thanks to the grease resistant PE lining before popping the products into their own recycling bin for domestic collection.

This ease of green disposal will cultivate strong customer relations as it is simple and understandable, with paper recycling already a habit for most households. Additionally, many items in the range are biodegradable and commercially compostable to increase the wealth of eco-friendly options.

Environmental considerations have been instrumental in the selection of products to be supplied within Kite’s food packaging launch. The best solutions for meeting consumer demands have been specially handpicked by the expert product team to make your buying decisions easiest.

Find out more at www.kitepackaging.co.uk.


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