Kervan Gida of Istanbul have taken the lead in the development of healthier sweets which can now be categorized as a healthy snack for children and adults alike with the 2015 launch of the Bebeto 7 Days product range. 

BEBETO 7 DAY PACK: innovative new high juice fruit snack from Kervan is now available in the UK.We have worked to develop a great tasting high juice snack that meets the demands of our modern family lifestyle with low added sugar, high fruit juice and which is packaged in a fun portion controlled pack ideal for lunch boxes and as a fat free snack all day.Bebeto 7 Day Pack is packed in a re-sealable pouch bag to ensure the products are always fresh and maintain their great taste. (PRNewsFoto/Kervan Gida)

The first product launched is the Mini Fruit Strings, which has seven individually designed packs with every day of the week on the bag. With four different flavours, Kervan Gida have created a unique product which has leapt across two key categories, confectionery and fruit snacks.

In confectionery  they have proven that you can add very high levels of fruit, cut the need for a huge percentage of added processed sugar and at the same time provide a great tasting product for everyone to enjoy.

In these fruit snacks, Kervan Gida have delivered 85% fruit juice with added vitamins and kept the product free from fat and gelatin to help create a great tasting snack that can be enjoyed by all.

The driving force behind the 7 Days idea was simple. Kervan Gida wanted a great tasting product in a resealable bag that would allow for freshness and portion control, and we achieved this.

Kervan Gida wanted to launch a fun product that children would be happy to have in their school lunch box with Monday to Sunday on the packs. Kervan Gida have achieved something quite unique by creating individually packed snacks with different days of the week on the bags, and by including different flavours in each pack there is choice and they keep the product fun.

Bebeto 7 Days has also taken away the myth that this type of high fruit product needs to be at a huge premium. Kervan Gida have created a product that they hope can be enjoyed by everyone .

The final benefit of Bebeto 7 Days is the added vitamins Kervan Gida have put into their product. Vitamins A, C and E are all added to give another great benefit to everyone who has the chance to taste Kervan Gida’s fantastic Bebeto 7.

Kervan Gida have launched a product for the 21st century with low sugar high fruit juice, added vitamins and no gelatin which is Halal and tastes fantastic.

You can find Bebeto 7 Days in Poundland, Farm Foods, Poundworld and Primark.

Kervan Gida UK Limited 


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