quarter-pounder-1Hot snacking products allow retailers to compete head-on with foodservice and high street outlets to meet the growing demand for convenient hot snacks to be enjoyed as part of a big night in.

That’s one of the reasons why the £107 million* hot snacking category has enjoyed solid growth in the last 12 months, according to hot snacking category leader Kepak Convenience Foods (KCF).

KCF provides a wide range of hot snacking products, including the popular Rustlers, Rustlers Hot Subs and UGO’s Deli Café. All products are perfect for a big night in, whether you are gaming or watching a DVD, and appeal to both male and female consumers.

KCF’s continued focus on product quality improvement has paid dividends, not least the introduction of a new McDonald’s inspired sauce to its Rustlers burger products, to create what the company describes as the ‘best Rustlers product ever’.

“Category growth is not just about NPD. It’s about listening to your customers and delivering what they want, no matter how subtle the changes might be,” says KCF’s Marketing Director John  Armstrong.

“The introduction of the new sauce to Rustlers burger and BBQ Rib products followed extensive consumer research and prompted an overwhelming response, led by a frenzy of positive social media conversations expressing some of the most favourable consumer feedback we have ever received.

“Within the KCF range there is something suitable for everyone.  People want hot, tasty, filling snacks that are easy to prepare, especially during the colder months.  One of the advantages of market-leading Rustlers or Rustlers Hot Subs and the UGO’s Deli Café Panini range is that each product can be cooked in less time than it takes to watch a commercial break.”

The hot snacking category has also benefited from sustained NPD and product innovation in the last 12 months. Launched just over one year ago, the Rustlers Hot Subs range has been a real hit, generating over £10 million* worth of sales in its first year.

“Hot Subs has been a real success story. The range has already attraction more than 1.5 million households to the category and our research has highlighted that 48% of shoppers who have purchased the brand return again and again.”

KCF products have longer shelf lives than the average pies, pasties and sandwich products, resulting in longer sales opportunities, and less waste for retailers. The longer shelf lives also boost appeal to consumers as in the current economic climate they are becoming increasingly conscious of food waste.

KCF urges retailers to stock up on KCF products to make sure they get their share of this profit opportunity.

* Nielsen MAT October 2nd 2010.

Contact: 01772 688 300

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