Kenco has been transforming the way consumers enjoy coffee at home thanks to the hugely successful launch of the Kenco Duo range in 2019. The premium Kenco Duo range now looks to capitalise on the growing flavours segment, and so, is adding a new Salted Caramel Latte variant to the portfolio. Flavours make up a hugely important segment within specialties – they are growing ahead of the market (+26% RSV L2Y, category is growing +16%)[1]  and make up 30.5% of the specialities category[2]. Kenco’s new Salted Caramel Latte Duo will be joining the hugely popular pre-existing Duo range including: Latte, Flat White, Sweetened and Unsweetened Cappuccino.

Kenco Duo allows consumers to enjoy a coffee-shop style drink at home and recreate that signature magic swirl, all without the need for a coffee machine. Kenco has successfully tapped into the wider market trend as at-home consumers have been seeking to replicate their favourite coffee shop experiences. With 16 million cups of Duo consumed in the last year[3] alone, it’s clear that the popularity of this range has struck a chord with shoppers nationwide.

Duo drives premiumisation within the category and is also highly incremental. Kenco’s revolutionary Duo format extends the price ladder within specialties, driving premiumisation within the category, and driving category value (154ix vs average Specs. & flavours unit price)4. The Duo platform is highly incremental, delivering 44% incremental spend in its first year of launch5, and has also brought in an incremental 250k households. Kenco is supporting the overall Duo range with a multimillion-pound campaign.

By tapping into trends and allowing consumers to create additional theatre to their coffee at home, as they would get in a coffee shop, adding Salted Caramel Latte to the Duo range allows retailers to ensure they continue to meet and exceed the demand of their shoppers.

Toby Bevans, Marketing Director at Jacobs Douwe Egberts, comments: “When it comes to milky coffees, consumers are familiar with the way that baristas skilfully steam the milk and brew the espresso base separately before combining. Kenco Duo enables coffee-lovers to recreate the process with just a kettle and gives them the satisfaction of achieving an authentic, high quality coffee complete with a magic swirl in the milky froth. 

“With the revolutionary Kenco Duo becoming increasingly popular, the range is recognised for the flavour it delivers and its trusted quality, positioning it perfectly to introduce exciting new flavours, such as the new Salted Caramel Latte Variant. By tapping into consumer demands for premium products and authentic experiences, we are looking to appeal to younger consumers, further growing the retail coffee category, as well as encouraging existing shoppers to trade up to enjoy an even more indulgent coffee-shop style experience.”

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