The B Corp ice cream company shares the inside scoop on its latest carbon cutting strategies

  • Halfway to the 2030 goal of a 43% carbon intensity reduction, in just one year
  • Commitment to 50% plant based product range by 2025
  • By 2030, all plastic will have a minimum recycled content of 30%.

Read the full 2022 Carbon Impact Report here for in depth data

Jude’s, the British ice cream pioneers, known for creating deliciously indulgent ice cream, is continuing to inspire radical change within the ice cream industry, through championing carbon cutting in a bid to help protect the planet for the next generation.

In December 2020, Judes became the first and only UK ice cream and desserts company to remove more carbon from the environment than it emits, and in the last year alone, they have reduced their carbon intensity by 20% – nearly half way to their 2030 target of a 43% reduction. This has been achieved through a combination of carbon reduction and carbon offsetting, following a detailed assessment of all aspects of the business, across everything from the ingredients in the supply chain to the end product on shelf, focusing in on all three scopes below:

  • Scope 1: Direct emissions from Jude’s operations
  • Scope 2: Indirect emissions from the production of the energy Jude’s use
  • Scope 3: Upstream emissions – indirect emissions from the supply chain associated with the production of Jude’s products.

Over the last two years, Jude’s has continued to work closely with Small World Consulting and Professor Mike Berners-Lee, an independent world-leading expert in carbon footprinting, to revolutionise the way it sources, creates, processes and packs ice cream.

This process, and the lessons learned through it, is something that Jude’s shares within the report in a bid to inspire other companies in the industry to take action and challenge themselves to keep improving for the future too.

Mike Berners-Lee, Advisor to Jude’s on Environmental Sustainability, comments: “Jude’s is a tremendous example of a business taking the kind of climate action that is needed. The growth of the plant-based range has been impressive, and cutting the footprint per litre of ice cream by 20% in just 12 months is a huge achievement. On top of that they have been carefully funding only top-quality land management schemes to remove carbon from the air. Most of all, in a world full of greenwash, Jude’s stand out as thoughtful and honest. “

Chow Mezger, Managing Director, Jude’s Ice Cream comments:

“Back in 2020 we committed to reduce our carbon intensity per litre of ice cream by 43% by 2030, so we’re thrilled to be nearly half way to meeting our 10-year target in only 2 years, with a 20% reduction in the last year alone. We have achieved this by comprehensively reviewing everything we do as a business and proactively identifying ways to reduce carbon, hand in hand with Small World Consulting. This is a great next step on our journey and there’s so much more still ahead of us. We will continue to champion this change across the industry and ultimately, we’re committed to helping shape a better future for the next generation”

Please see below further information on all the great work Jude’s has been pioneering

So, what have Jude’s been doing to pioneer this change?

Jude’s, as a certified BCorp, is committed to using business as a force for good – for people and the planet. Last year Jude’s were revealed as the winners of the Lloyd’s Bank Positive Social & Sustainable Impact award and have also donated over 180k portions to NHS and other charities. 

Sustainable Packaging and Recycling

At the moment, of the virgin cardboard, paper, wooden spoons and tubs that Jude’s use 75% is FSC certified and they are working towards getting it to 100% FSC certified cardboard. They have replaced plastic spoons in 100ml tubs with FSC certified wooden spoons, saving 3.3 tonnes of plastic in the last year alone.  Along with this, in 2o21, Jude’s recycled 23 tonnes of cardboard, mixed plastic, LDPE, PP Buckets and much more. 

Plant Based Products For The Future

Jude’s plant based ice creams have on average a 40% lower carbon footprint than dairy, and are crafted to deliver on the same exacting flavour standards that all its products meet. Over the past three years Jude’s has developed one of the largest plant based ice cream ranges in the UK, now making up 28% of their range, with 75% of products launched in the last year being plant based. By 2025 Jude’s aims for 50% of all of their ice creams and desserts to be fully plant based – if not sooner. The latest plant based innovations from Jude’s include: plant based custards, shakes as well as Lower Calorie Plant Based Salted Caramel ice cream and Lower Calorie Plant Based Chocolate Brownie.! 

A Greener Factory

The ice cream factory is entirely powered by renewable energy sources and Jude’s use Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origins Certificates. However, Jude’s understand that REGO certificates cannot always guarantee energy is from 100% renewable sources and therefore have decided to calculate their carbon footprint by using a grid-average emissions factor for electricity use and invest in carbon removal projects for this amount in the same way as their other emissions.

Moreover, Jude’s recycles thousands of litres of water per year through its adiabatic cooler (this water cools the freezers at the factory) and recycle energy where possible. For example, utilising heat transfer to reuse the energy from a cooked batch of ice cream which is being cooled to heat the incoming milk for the next batch.

Rewilding Nature

In addition to carbon removal, Jude’s continues to invest in rewilding projects throughout the UK in order to promote biodiversity. They have invested in a peatland restoration scheme in Carrifran, Scotland in conjunction with Forest Carbon, to recreate a valley of wooded wilderness with the rich diversity of native species that existed there thousands of years ago. The project benefits the environment by stopping further peat degradation and emissions, improving conditions for biodiversity and improving the resilience of fish populations. They are also well on the way to planting 10,000 trees over three years in the South Downs National Park, providing a home to wildlife, more oxygen, improving the soil, and to help fight climate

To find out more about Jude’s Carbon journey read the Jude’s 2022 Carbon Impact Report Here and stay up to date with the brand channels @judesicecream and

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