isklar-1.jpgJenks has joined forces with Isklar, a premium still Norwegian Glacial Natural Mineral Water available in the UK from April, in a major sales distribution deal. Captured at source from a 6000 year old glacier within the enchanted wilderness of the remote Hardanger region, Isklar will be the first Norwegian bottled water brand available in mainstream retail across the UK. The brand is will be supported by a £2.5M marketing campaign including TV and press.

Peter Krogh, Isklar’s CEO says. “We were eager to capitalise on the UK’s thriving water market, which shows huge growth potential, at over 2 billion litres and forecast to grow 30% over the next 5 years. Our partnership with Jenks reinforces our long term objective of becoming the UK’s leading glacial mineral water.” Continues Peter, “Jenks can give us the fantastic sector coverage we need to gain widespread distribution wins quickly and secure a strong market footing from the outset.”Jenks, Director of Sales & Marketing, Des Ewing comments, “We are delighted to have been given this opportunity to build the Isklar brand in the UK.

We are always looking to partner with exciting new brands that can bring something unique to the market.In particular, we value Isklar’s green credentials which aims to be the most low-carbon mainstream bottled water on the market.”The Hardanger region is a breathtaking expanse of unsurpassed natural beauty with soaring mountains, cascading waterfalls and mysterious crystal-clear fjords. Meaning simply, ice-clear in Norwegian, Isklar is naturally filtered through glacier ice and aquifer rock, creating water that is so exceptionally low in mineral content it delivers an unmatchable crisp taste that is both pure and invigorating.Isklar brings a refreshing new dynamic to the market.

Sourced from a pristine glacial wilderness untouched by human intervention, with an unrivalled low sodium/mineral content.It’s bottled at source using 100% Hydro-Electric Power, with zero carbon emissions and recyclable PET bottle with state-of-the-art Group recycling facilities capable of re-processing 700 million bottles p.a. (PET equivalent). It has a low carbon sea transportation, piggy-backing on existing shipping route.Deane Ingram, Isklar’s Country Manager UK, says, “With a nation wide distribution deal in place with the UK’s leading sales channel and brokerage company, Jenks, in addition to confirmed listings in selected Waitrose stores and Morrisons, Isklar is well on its way to becoming a leading contender in the bottled water market.”

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  1. Is Jenks responsible for the advertising and marketing of Isklars products in UK?


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