ixia-foil-crimping-systemNew in line machine offers massive cost savings by removing one of the most labour intensive and poorly executed tasks on the production line

Demonstrating its significant technical and design expertise, IXIA UK Limited has unveiled an innovative Aluminium Foil Tray Crimping system. Available as a stand alone unit or part of a complete turnkey Picking, Lidding & Crimping solution, this exciting new machine is specially designed to save food manufacturers and processors over £100,000 per annum by fully automating one of the most labour intensive and poorly executed activities on the production line.

Further underlining its position as one of the UK’s leading independent designers and manufacturers of single and multi lane pick and place denesting systems, IXIA developed the new pneumatically driven Aluminium Foil Tray Crimping machine to automate what has traditionally been a manual task, helping to reduce labour costs and increase production efficiencies. It also improves overall pack quality and integrity.

Capable of handling up to 35 trays per minute, a single lane IXIA Crimping system replaces the three or four people it normally takes to manually crimp aluminium packs at the same speeds. Where faster outputs are demanded, two or more units can run in parallel. Offering significant space-saving benefits, the machine features a compact design with a footprint of 1,200mm x 675mm.

As a stand alone system, it is simple to install and set up and can be easily transferred to other lines or moved for cleaning. Fully IP65 compliant, it is suitable for high performance wash down environments.

In addition, the IXIA Crimping machine frees up vital production space normally accommodated by operatives and prevents the bottle neck that typically occurs in the manually operated crimping area. It reduces the risk of human error by ensuring lids are completely closed for maximum pack integrity throughout the distribution chain. Plus automating the process removes the potential for repetitive strain injury claims or damage to operators’ fingers when manually press closing the lids.

For added flexibility, the Crimping system incorporates IXIA’s unique ‘Snapdragon®’ quick change tooling, which allows the operator to change tray types and sizes in two minutes, with no fuss and completely tool free. Resulting in decreased downtime and improved line efficiency.

IXIA also offers the unit as part of a complete turnkey Picking, Lidding & Crimping operation. This solution comprises three distinct machines starting with a high performance IXIA denester designed to pick and place foil trays onto the production line for filling. Once filled, the IXIA lidding and gating system automatically controls the packs on the in-feed section of the lidding machine where it places each tray in position under the lidder. When given a ‘go’ signal, it precisely places the lids into the packs.

The lidded foil trays are then passed into the Crimping unit’s gating system which has been developed by IXIA to ensure complete control of each pack as it travels through the machine. One tray at a time is released and passed into the crimping section where an additional vertical control holds it firmly in position. Four pneumatic crimping arms turn over the edge of the container facilitating complete closure of the lid. The pack is then released and carefully transferred below special rollers to ensure that sealing is complete and the pack is fully secure.

With an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability, IXIA’s pneumatically driven denesters are capable of handling closely stacked plastics, aluminium foil and cardboard trays, cartons, pizza bases, pots and containers in a variety of shapes at high speeds as part of an automated food processing and packaging line. At each stage of production, the machines undergo extensive and rigorous testing checks to ensure technical excellence.

As well as denesting equipment, IXIA offers a wide range of lidding, closing and gating systems for a variety of food sectors including bakery, ready meals, dairy, meat, fresh and chilled produce, confectionery and pizza & pasta. As well as supplying a series of standard machines, the company can custom-build machines to suit individual customer requirements.

Established in the UK since 2001, the Sussex-based business is backed by skilled in-house design, technical and consultancy teams, a growing distributor network and pan European customer service and support. IXIA offers high quality spare parts, tooling, flexible warranty packages and training. As well as the food industry, IXIA also supplies systems for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets.

IXIA UK Limited

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