At Vype, we’ve spent years honing our vaping products, from the devices themselves through to the ingredients that go into them. Our development process has been conducted with customer experience in mind and has led us to focus on developing a closed cartridge system we like to call the ‘Pod Mod’. We have designed the ‘Pod Mod’ to make vaping simpler and our devices more efficient; this system is all about ensuring our customers know exactly how their product works and have a better understanding of the ingredients that go into it.

What is a Pod Mod?

Our scientists and engineers have developed a high-quality vaping device that is designed to work better for users. With the customer experience in mind, we’ve invested in the Pod Mod system – a two-part closed system vape that comes with a cartridge filled with E-liquid that simply clips into place. Vype’s Pod Mod systems include the ePen 3 and ePod devices, both designed to our specifications and to make the vaping experience fuss-free.

Taking this approach is all about the customer and making the vaping experience simpler and easier every step of the way. With open system devices, vapers have to go through the time-consuming, manual (and often messy) process of pouring E-liquid into the device before they can use it. Whereas by using the Pod Mod system, Vype customers are able to simply clip in a pre-filled cartridge and they are ready to go.

It’s about more than just speed

Pod Mod’s are about more than just making the vaping experience quicker – using a closed cartridge system has real benefits for the quality and taste of our ingredients.

Using a closed system allows for more control over what liquid is vaped and the way in which it is heated compared to open systems. For our ePen3 and ePod devices for example, we test our liquid pods and devices together with product performance and quality assurance in mind – ensuring that each of our E-liquids are specifically formulated for each Vype device.

The process we go through to ensure the quality of our products is thorough, and we work with our team of over 50 scientists to ensure that everything we offer our customers is high quality. Vype only uses high quality ingredients to make our premium Vype eLiquids including pharmaceutical grade nicotine, glycerol and propylene glycol and food grade flavourings. The ingredients that go into our Pod Mod devices are all formulated to comply with local quality and safety legislation wherever we sell our products.

Where innovation meets experience

At Vype, we’ve spent time analysing and formulating vaping devices that work best for our customers. Our ePen 31 and ePod2 devices which have each won Product Of The Year in 2019 and 2020 respectively, in the e-cigarette category are examples of innovation that is designed with the needs of customers in mind. Our focus on combining quality, functionality and innovative design is something we’re particularly proud of and we’re passionate about offering customers products that work for them.

If you would like to join the conversation and find out more about our approach to vaping technology and the Pod Mod system, please visit the Vape Quality Matters section at by using this QR Code. 18+ only. This product contains nicotine and is addictive.

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