RB will look to strengthen its share of the cleaning and disinfection category with the introduction of Dettol’s new 3X Power range, which consists of 3X Power Gel sprays (Bathroom and Multipurpose), 3X Power Wipes (Bathroom and Multipurpose) and 3X Power Floor Gels.

Dettol’s 3X Power Gel sprays are developed using an anti-drip technology for difficult to clean vertical surfaces. Unlike regular liquid cleaners they cling to surfaces without dripping. This technology enables the gel formula to remain in constant contact with the vertical surface, thus allowing deeper cleaning and disinfection of 99.9% of bacteria. The new gel formula penetrates the surface for longer, helping remove grease, dirt and soapscum, where normal cleaners will drip and falter.

Dettol’s 3X Power Floor Gels are unique in that they clean and disinfect, killing 99.9% of bacteria, including the cold and flu virus and E.Coli. They also clean 3X faster and have more than 3X the cleaning power1, to remove tough floor stains. Finally, Dettol’s 3X Power Floor Gels leave a visible shine and fresh fragrance to provide a lasting finish. The range is completed with the Dettol 3X Power Cleaning Wipes, which use unique trap and lift technology to tackle dirt, grease, burnt on food, soapscum and limescale. As well as cleaning these tough stains, Dettol 3X Power Wipes disinfect 99.9% of bacteria and leave a fresh fragrance, something not available from traditional dishcloths.

Amaia Trevino, RB UK Category Marketing Manager comments: “The new Dettol 3X Power range is an exciting extension to our established portfolio, building on 80 years of experience and consumer insight. We want to bolster Dettol’s presence in the category, offering a complete power cleaning solution for the whole house. With this innovative range, we can provide consumers with superior cleaning products while staying true to Dettol’s disinfection and germ killing heritage.”

The Dettol 3X Power range launch will be supported by a multi-million pound media campaign launching in April, including TV, OLV, digital communications and PR to drive awareness amongst consumers.

The new Dettol 3X Power range consists of:

• Dettol 3X Power Gel

o Multipurpose, 500ml MRRP* £4

o Bathroom, 500ml MRRP* £4

• Dettol 3X Power Wipes

o Multipurpose, x28 pack, x64 pack MRRP* £1.99, £3.99

o Bathroom, x28 pack, x64 pack MRRP* £1.99, £3.99

• Dettol 3X Power Gel Floor Cleaner

o Green Apple 400ml – MRRP* £2.69

o Cotton Breeze 400ml – MRRP* £2.69

o Sparkling Citrus 400ml – MRRP* £2.69

The Dettol 3X Power Range is available from major multiples including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose.

*MRRP is a recommended retail price only. Retail pricing and ranging decisions are at the sole discretion of the retailer

1 Vs Dettol Disinfectant Liquid Lavender and Orange Oil



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