norfresh-fish-cakeNorwegians know a thing or two about fish. Their expertise in seafood is renowned the world over and NORFRESH, who has teamed up with a leading Norwegian fish supplier with an 85 year long history, is set to take the UK market by storm with its award winning unique range of Fish Cakes and Burgers.

Fish is one of the big talking points in the UK food market at the current time, with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the seafood industry body Seafish coming out strongly to boost fish consumption. In fact the FSA has advised consumers to eat fish twice a week because of the health benefits and whilst other experts agree, some have pointed out concern about dwindling fish stocks.

Step forward NORFRESH. All of their Fish Cakes and Burgers are:

• Made with 100% sustainably sourced and MSC classified fish.

• Gluten-free.

• Rich in Omega 3. (Each 90g Salmon Fish Cake contains the full RDA)

• Low in fat, low in carbohydrates.

• Deliciously seasoned and flavoured.

• Easy to serve with no preparation required as they can be pan fried or oven baked from frozen in minutes.

Importantly their Fish Cakes are unique as they have no potato content (so low in carbohydrates), no breadcrumbs (so gluten-free) and very high fish content (up to 70%). Compare that to some budget fish cakes which have a fish content as low as 9%.

And their Burgers are ideal for kids, who like burgers but won’t eat fish.

With that Scandinavian hallmark of quality running throughout the entire range, the NORFRESH line-up includes:

• Traditional Norwegian Fish Cakes.

• Fish Cakes with Garlic and Leek.

• Fish Cakes with Herring.

• Salmon Cakes with Lemon Pepper.

• Salmon Cakes with Dill.

• Salmon Cakes with Tarragon

• Kids range of 45g and 60g Fish Cakes and Fish Burgers.

Harald Andersen, Director of NORFRESH said “We are delighted to be launching the NORFRESH range in the UK. We believe that fish cakes should contain mainly fish and that’s what makes our fish cakes and burgers unique. With all the various healthy eating and environmental issues so top of mind in the UK, we believe we have the right products at the right time.”

norfresh-logoAll of the new NORFRESH range of Fish Cakes and Burgers comes in distinctive and clear-view packaging to aid effective merchandising.

For all enquiries on NORFRESH please contact Harald Andersen on 020 7245 6858 email or visit

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