rgv.jpgFrench safety specialist SERV Trayvou Interverrouillage has developed a new version of the RGV, its lockable Guillemin-type hose coupling, to prevent tanker drivers delivering their load to the wrong silo. Now more resilient and easier to use, the latest RGV enables the safe transfer of solids and liquids via trapped-key interlocking technology. The product is simple to operate. The operations manager gives the driver an individually-coded key, which will only permit the driver to connect the tanker’s hose to a specific silo. The driver inserts the key into the lock on the RGV and turns it, unlocking the RGV and allowing the hose to be attached to the coupling.

The RGV is commonly found in the food, concrete, plastic and chemical industries, and is available in both mechanical and electro-mechanical versions. Each RGV key can be stored in a key exchange box – such as SERV’s TMEC – so that keys cannot be taken without the prior agreement of the manager.

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