mg_0138.jpgVolumatic has successfully launched its CounterCache™ intelligent machine (CCi) that helps eliminate errors and losses at point of sale and massively reduces cash processing costs in retail outlets. Ideal for a wide range of applications including petrol station forecourts, supermarkets, convenience stores, theme parks, stadiums, fast food outlets, retail outlets, bars and restaurants, the CCi increases efficiency by reducing down-time, and reduces shrinkage by cutting down the number of people handling the cash.

The CounterCache™ intelligent unit scans, validates and counts bank notes and then stores them securely in a tamper-evident pouch (TruPouch™), providing a lightweight and easy means of transportation of cash to the local cash office or to offsite cash centres.

In addition, the CCi provides a continuous timed transaction log, with full note count. All operations including opening and closing the CCi door, removing and inserting the pouch carrier and power losses, are monitored and logged. This data can be electronically transferred and accessed via RS232, USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet communication ports to a host computer in the back office or to a wireless PDA that can be carried by a supervisor or manager.

Volumatic designs and manufactures a range of cash counters, sorters and transport and storage products for retail, banking and the public service sector.

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