tt33_shelvesSeymour Manufacturing International (SMI) is a British company and one of the world’s leading suppliers of thermal insulation products. SMI has been providing innovative solutions for the protection of food, home delivered goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and the agricultural industries to the highest standards for almost 30 years.

Seymour’s unique Tempro® is a lightweight insulation material with exceptional thermal properties. It is available in different specifications and can be manufactured into an extensive range of spatial shapes, containers and insulating covers.

Introducing the TT33 at Intercool, SMI are showing a new lightweight and easily portable tent which can be used as a chiller or freezer. Along with the new T3 condenser/evaporator base, this pioneering development from SMI can be seen  on Stand D36 in Hall 13. It is a unique and easy way of maintaining chilled and frozen products anywhere in the world. The TT33 with its simple-to-erect frame and lightweight fabric panels is modular and extremely efficient. The unit is chilled or frozen via a mobile evaporator which is transportable on its robust T3 wheeled base. Using a standard 220v/240v electrical supply, the TT33 can be used anywhere mains power or a suitable generator is available. Assembly, transportation and maintenance costs are minimal and two people can set up the TT33 in 15 to 20 minutes. Modular plastic flooring is available from SMI and strongly  recommended, as well as racking, storm straps, pegs and ties for outside  use. Once assembled, the TT33 is 3 metres square, 2.1 metres high internally and provides a chilled or frozen internal space of approximately 18 cubic metres.

One of the company’s  most successful products is Tempro® Cold  Stop®, the insulated strip curtain for cold stores and freezers. The traditional way to prevent high temperature ambient air entering a cold room or freezer when the heavy main door is open was to fit plastic strip curtains. Cold Stop® is the next generation of energy and CO2 saving thermal barriers offering up to a 33% improvement over traditional non insulated barriers. Not only does Cold  Stop® return investment in a matter of months but it also helps minimise ice build-up which can be a slip hazard in freezers. Cold Stop® is already used extensively by most major supermarkets in the UK and across Europe.

SMI’s new Green Door can be single or twin opening and uses SMI’s unique extruded aluminium profile and gasket system to prevent thermal bridging between cold and warm environments. SMI’s patented Tempro® insulation is used to provide thermal protection and every  modular construction door has  durable but adjustable swing-through hinges. Every Tempro® door panel has a clear see-through window for personnel safety. Each door is fitted with tough high impact buffers both back and front to ensure minimal maintenance needs and a low cost of ownership. SMI’s Green door is energy saving, lightweight but  tough, hard wearing, low maintenance, cost effective and efficient.

Other popular  products from SMI on display at Intercool include the company’s insulated roll cage covers, trolley covers and box liners which are used for a variety of products and storage systems. Tempro® roll cage covers have returned enormous savings to many industries when used to transport a mix of chilled, frozen and ambient products in non refrigerated vehicles.

SMI has a programme of continuous product development and is working alongside its customers to ensure the latest technological developments are delivered to the market at the earliest opportunity.

Seymour Manufacturing International Ltd

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