With energy efficiency and environmental compliance at the top of the business agenda, organisations across the UK, particularly in the retail sector, are increasingly looking for ways in which to reduce their energy consumption while maintaining their productivity – and leading forklift truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling offers perfect solutions to achieve this.


Linde’s new EVO range of innovative electric forklift trucks help not only to reduce costs but also to improve driving performance while reducing overall energy consumption by up to 16 per cent.

These innovative electric trucks are among the most widely used forklifts, as they have been specifically tailored to handle load capacities up to 2.0 tonnes. Additionally the truck settings can be tailored to suit individual customer needs from high performance to low energy consumption.

The trucks also benefit from intervals of 1000 hours between services and a computerised diagnostics system, resulting in reduced operating costs and high uptime ratios.

These electric trucks have also been designed to provide greater levels of operator comfort by reducing the impact of vibrations and road shocks, which in turn help reduce fatigue and aid productivity. The new EVO series offers on-board charging to allow flexibility and simplicity in operation.

The new “real-time indicator” allows operators to make optimum use of the energy reserves, precisely recording energy consumption and indicating the remaining battery energy on the multifunction display.

The leading forklift truck manufacturer has also incorporated new lithium-ion batteries exclusively designed for Linde into its 1.6 to 2.0 tonne pedestrian pallet trucks which offer customers a reduction in energy costs while increasing productivity.

Lithium-ion-batteryThe lithium-ion batteries offer high energy density with the ability to store twice the amount of useable energy in the same battery box as the traditional lead acid batteries and are significantly quicker and more efficient to charge.

Jana Vitkova, warehouse product manager at Linde Material Handling (UK) commented “The introduction of the new EVO electric truck range and lithium-ion technology are important steps towards offering our customers a greener and more economical way of operating which is something that is at the forefront of our business.”

“We aim to continue to offer our customers with the most cost-effective and efficient way of operating and to help them make cost and time savings wherever possible.”


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