The Bradford based London Oil Refining Company, working with Global Closure Systems’ Zeller Plastik UK, has developed a headstand valve pack for its new range of Astonish household cream cleaning products.

The Astonish brand is now sold in over 50 countries worldwide, with an emphasis on new product launches, the most attractive packaging designs and unrivalled quality and service. A headstand presentation was chosen for the launch of Astonish cream cleaners making a valve closure essential to allow easy, drip-free dispensing of the viscous liquid; Zeller Plastik’s standard polypropylene 55mm hinge flip-top dispensing cap in a matt finish provided the ideal capping solution for this unusual application in the Household market. To guarantee quality during the supply chain three-tab peelable induction heat seal liners have been selected for ease of use by the consumer.

Custom designed embossed 550ml bottles from Alpla and attractive labels from Systems Labelling colour matched with Zeller’s five different colour closures provide a vibrant addition to the comprehensive Astonish household product range.

Zeller Plastik UK

Tel: 01603 894800


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