roll-cage-floor-2-resizeLaunched at this year’s Multimodal exhibition, Impactafloor is a brand new company offering innovative flooring solutions to reduce both delivery noise and concrete damage in high traffic distribution areas, whilst maintaining a safe working environment.

At last – a solution to rollcage noise

The impact of delivery noise for supermarkets and retail outlets is now becoming a key factor in deciding new planning permissions and complying with existing planning conditions. Noisy deliveries can have a significant impact on the environment, and in built up and residential areas complaints from neighbours are common.

The movement of roll cages is the single biggest source of noise, with empty roll cages particularly problematic. New Rollcage Floor is a thick, tough, high performance rubber matting that massively reduces the impact of delivery noise. while maintaining a safe working environment for employees. From a health and safety perspective, the surface profile has been designed to maximise slip resistance even when wet, giving an excellent foothold for moving even heavily laden cages, while the studded underside allows water to drain away freely.

jackleg-floor-resizeTests conducted by a leading UK supermarket demonstrated a noise reduction of up to 44% on empty cages using Rollcage Floor, bringing the noise down to a level indistinguishable from normal background noise.

The verdict of a leading UK supermarket? “The noise reduction is spectacular”.

Let the floor take the punishment
The company is so confident that its floors are virtually indestructible that visitors to the Impactafloor stand at this year’s Multimodal exhibition were offered the chance to wield a 2lb sledgehammer to try and damage them!

impactafloor-13-resizeJackleg Floor comprises solid, heavyweight rubber blocks with invisible interconnecting joints for stability. Utilising the same heavy duty technology originally developed for rubber level crossing systems, it is designed to be inset into vehicle parking bays to receive the impact of HGV jacklegs and prevent damage to the concrete.

The surface has a grooved profile with a hammer finish to create a safe, anti-slip working environment that is tough enough to withstand heavy traffic for many years of use.

Other ground breaking products available from Impactafloor:
Barrel Floor to reduce noise pollution in barrel transit and delivery areas..
Cargo Floor for load space area in vans.

Showground Road, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6AJ
tel 01278 727755 fax 01278 727766 mob 07971168265


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