scA new micro-brewing kit that promises top quality beer for just 50p pint is poised to satisfy growing consumer demand for home brew this Christmas. With the recession set to make this year’s festive period one of the toughest ever financially for many people, the new ibrew home brew kit will offer the perfect solution for beer lovers on a budget who don’t want to compromise on the Christmas cheer.

A million miles from the cloudy, frothing fermenters Dads once hoarded in airing cupboards, the new ibrew micro-brewing kit is a slicker, quicker, fool-proof way for consumers to produce top quality beer in their own homes.

Retailing at £59.99, the ibrew starter kit offers a complete re-usable home brewery with everything the user needs to begin brewing – including the ingredients to make 40 pints in two batches. Refills retail at just £9.99, for 20 pints, which means home brewing costs consumers from just 50p a pint.

But don’t be fooled by the low price. The ibrew kit produces top quality beer to rival anything on sale in pubs. There are three varieties – a refreshing lager, a hoppy bitter and a creamy stout, all of which are ready to drink within just 21 days.

The ibrew pack includes a fermenter, which also doubles as the outer packaging, and a clever dispenser tap unit that fits onto the storage bottles. These bottles are designed to sit neatly on the fridge shelf making it simple for the user to pour draught beer ready chilled. The ibrew kits include the finest UK-grown malt and hops and require the addition of just yeast (which is supplied) and water. All ingredients are 100% natural.

Andy Janes, ibrew’s marketing manager, said: “The cost of a pint has continued to increase, with UK beer drinkers facing steep price rises this year.  The average price of a commercial pint now tops £3.00. In the light of this, it is no coincidence that demand for home brew has been growing steadily after a period of decline.

“With refills costing only 50p a pint, making beer at home with ibrew costs far less than in the pub. We expect strong demand for ibrew over the Christmas period, and the retailers who stock it are set to do brisk business. In particular, we are expecting ibrew to prove popular as a gift option for those seeking an original and thoughtful present for the beer lover in their life.”

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