new-auto-reel-actionA decade after the launch of its popular 20m AutoReel automatic rewind hose system – dubbed the world’s easiest to use hose – market leader, Hozelock is launching longer versions of its award-winning wall-mounted reel featuring enhanced rewind technology. The new 30m and 40m AutoReel systems will ship from January 2011 together with revamped versions of the existing 10m and 20m versions.

Having already sold over one million AutoReels, Hozelock are forecasting even greater demand for the bigger models from garden owners.

According to the company, demand from consumers and the trade for a bigger AutoReel has been high ever since the launch of the 20m model in 1998. Launched after four years of development and testing, the new AutoReels incorporate a bigger, more powerful steel spring to reel the longer hoses back in.

“It has been a major development programme since the doubling of the hose length set our designers and engineers many new challenges,” says Marketing Director, Simon McArdle, “but the resulting products have been worth the wait.”

He went on: “The hose is very easy to pull out and it rewinds evenly at a comfortable walking speed, even in extreme temperatures or when subject to variable water pressure. In pre-launch focus tests, the new 30m and 40m wallmounted AutoReels delighted consumers.”
The hose unwinds smoothly and easily up to its full length but will stop at any point if only a shorter length is needed.

After use, a simple tug makes the premium hose rewind slowly, safely and effortlessly over any surface while the unique layering mechanism inside the reel moves automatically from side to side ensuring that the hose is wound neatly onto the enclosed drum.

The attractive, organically shaped moulded casing is sturdy yet smooth to the touch. It sits on a 180-degree bracket which allows the whole reel to swing around automatically to face the user as the hose is fed out. A moulded ball stop on the end of the hose prevents it from retracting fully inside the casing.

In lifetime testing, the new British-made AutoReels remained in perfect working order for more than 8,000 usage cycles, equivalent to 11 years of twice daily use – easily outstripping all other major competitors on the same tests.

In addition to the new 30m and 40m models, the extended AutoReel range also includes revamped versions of the existing 10m and 20m models which have been given matching grey side discs to create a distinctive family look.

All four AutoReel models come in Hozelock’s bright new ‘Gardening for Life’ packaging. Simplified full colour display cartons carry a large, lifestyle photograph of the product in use with smaller images of the box contents and easyto-understand text and graphics flagging up the key features and benefits.

TV advertising

Demand for the new AutoReels will be driven by an international TV and press advertising campaign in 2011. In-store support includes a free-standing or in-fixture Combined TV & Demo Unit which holds up to eight AutoReels below a full-size interactive 30m AutoReel which the shopper can pull out and allow to rewind. At the same time, Hozelock’s promotional video and TV commercial plays on the built-in video screen to drive understanding of the product benefits.

Priced at £49, £79, £99 and £129 respectively, the 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m AutoReels meet a wide range of consumer needs at four key price points. All units are supplied complete with wall fixings, a 2m feeder hose for connection to the tap, a variable spray hose nozzle, water-wise Waterstop connector, hose connector and 3/4in and 1/2in tap connectors.

For further trade information, contact Hozelock’s Birmingham sales office on 0121 313 4095, or e-mail

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