gt-march-frontWelcome to The Grocery Trader’s Review Of The Year 2009. Christmas is racing towards us once again, faster than you can say “Jenson Button’s joined McLaren F1,”and the tills are ringing away, albeit a little less merrily than people in the business might like. As another year ends, December is traditionally the time for taking stock and reviewing business. So we’re proud to present The Grocery Trader’s Review of The Year, with a look back at some of the industry stories we’ll remember from 2009.

The UK and Spain are the only countries in Europe still in recession, so we’re told. We’re also told that instead of facing a recovery, we’re probably on the upwards bit in the middle of a ‘W,’ and we’ll go down again before we go up. Miserable stuff. Officially, the next UK general election for seats in the House of Commons will take place in all constituencies on or before Thursday 3 June 2010. What will happen to the government then, and hence the economy, is anyone’s guess.

Like last year, the weather’s been a mixed bag too. But there’s still been plenty to cheer people up this year – including some sporting successes, big movies and big gigs. As always, we Brits still jump at the chance to have a good time, which keeps the grocery trade going.

The stories in our pages show the UK grocery industry’s continued self-confidence in its outstanding ability to meet consumer needs, come rain come shine.  We have reprinted the full-length articles in this supplement by agreement with the companies and their agencies that kindly supplied them originally. Light hearted or serious, the stories published here represent the wide span of subjects The Grocery Trader covers throughout the year, both in the magazine, in print and digital editions, and on our website, and in turn reflect the many facets of the UK multiple grocery industry.

Similarly, the news columns on each page in our Review of The Year have been taken from stories we have run during the year. Again, they show the diversity and richness of the stories that come in from the industry. Quite simply, we wouldn’t have a magazine for you to read in the first place without the client companies and their agencies sending us their news – please keep the stories coming in 2010!

The Grocery Trader would like to thank everyone out there who has supported us this year and in previous years with press releases and advertising, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year.

You can also find many of the stories featured in our Review of The Year 2009 on our web site, Unlike other business sites, is free to use and you don’t need to register in order to enjoy our stories and interviews, and explore our on- line archive. Not surprisingly, over the last twelve months the number of unique users has grown significantly, and people are coming back again and again.

We hope each of you reading this gets the chance to relax, take your mind off business and enjoy the festive season. Get into the mood with our Review of The Year. Cheers!

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