Parents want their children to stay hydrated at school, ensuring that they perform at their mental best while also bringing much wider health benefits. As Finn O’Driscoll, CEO at Clearly Drinks, points out, hydration can often be overlooked during the busy school day, but the back-to-school period is an ideal time for retailers to cater to concern, with parents reassessing which products to include in their children’s school lunchboxes. A back-to-school display can simultaneously showcase several products including soft drinks, snacks and sandwiches, encouraging incremental sales and pushing up profits. Where there may not be space to display a full range, a selection of the most popular drinks can give customers what they want without asking them to make compromises.

Unsurprisingly, smaller bottle formats are the most popular option with parents who pack lunchboxes, and children who want a convenient and tasty drink with their lunch. Therefore, smaller bottle formats should be placed in a prominent position either in the store itself or within a back to school display.

When it comes to lunchtime or after school beverages, children often opt for sweet, flavoursome drinks – but these often come with added sugar content. In the evermore health-conscious market, this can cause problems for parents who find themselves torn between providing a satisfying lunch for their child, and ensuring they maintain a balanced and healthy diet. The fight against unhealthy products has resulted in the decline of several food and drink categories, and sugar has been a key driver in this.

Clearly Drinks’ best performing brand is Perfectly Clear. A simple but refreshing range of sugar-free flavoured waters available in both still and sparkling varieties, the 500ml bottle format is the most popular with those on the lookout for a convenient and tasty lunchtime refreshment. Available in delicious Strawberry, Summer Fruits, Red Apple, Orange, Blackcurrant, Lemon & Lime, Cherry, and a new Coconut flavour, Perfectly Clear is available as a still sports cap drink, perfect for keeping hydrated. Selected flavours are also available as a sparkling range. Also sold as a six-bottle multipack, Perfectly Clear offers the opportunity to stock up ahead of a week of thirsty lunches.


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