With the industry increasingly looking for a rapid turn-around of stock and with increased attention being paid to pallet weights, the requirement for check-weighing on a forklift truck at Goods In and Out sites has risen dramatically over recent years. Systems such as the Liftlog 100+ on-board weighing system from RDS Technology have proven a great success with companies looking to run loading and unloading operations in a more efficient manner and ensure the accuracy of load and pallet weights.

Hydraulic weighing options are a user-friendly and affordable method of providing a guide to weight.  Although they lack the high level of accuracy offered by load cell based systems, their cost-effectiveness makes hydraulic weighing an ideal solution for applications where a guide to weight is needed or weight limits are to be adhered to. This permits a fast and reliable verification of a pre-stated weight on the pallet and avoids unnecessary discrepancies.

Check-weighing on the forklift also reduces time-consuming and inefficient vehicle movements to a floor-mounted platform scale in a remote part of the warehouse or loading area, reducing jams and increasing site safety. Such gains in productivity reduce vehicle wear and tear, meaning the machine spends less time out of action for maintenance.

Weighing off the hydraulic lifting circuit, onboard weighing systems, such as the Liftlog 100+ can be fitted to new and used vehicles with minimal machine downtime and comes with full back up from specialist RDS distributors, ensuring that the vehicle loading process is as efficient and effective as possible.

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