marmiteTake two very different boys with with a private vendetta against each other, slap them on the front of the iconic Marmite jar and what do you have?

Perfect Peter and the very wicked Horrid Henry.

It’s a match made in Marmite Heaven and the latest episode in the quirky Love It/Hate It Marmite marketing campaign which encouraged families to share a love of reading or ‘listening’ to great stories for children. The idea was part of the Reading for Life initiative.

An on-pack promotion invited purchasers to pick a choice of one of two 250g jar designs: Marmite is Horrid or Marmite is Perfect. The fun was in the selection, as each pack gave the consumer the chance to download one of five free Horrid Henry Audiobooks written by top-selling children’s author Francesca Simon.

The front label hooked shoppers while the promotional details were contained within a 3-page resealable Fix-a-Form from Denny Bros on the back of the jars. To find out ‘how to get your hands on it’ Marmite-lovers had to peel open the label to reveal a web address and unique code which was concealed under a scratch-off panel to keep the promotion secure while in-store.

A spokesperson for Marmite said: “Marmite has an incredibly strong following. It is one of the number one choices for families at breakfastime. The idea of the promotion was to serve up a slice of fun-fiction. We have used the fabulous illustrations of Tony Ross to help bring out the lighter side of life. They encourage family members to visit the website and we know we are engaging our customers with this campaign.”

Denny Bros Ltd

Stefan Regula

Tel: 01284 701381


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