asda1Charged with helping ASDA produce a low energy solution to storage and distribution, Hörmann has installed 14 High Speed Insulated Spiral Doors at ASDA’s newly built 30,000 square metre warehouse and distribution centre in Didcot

The new spiral doors will compliment the 57 Hörmann loading bays with 1000mm long telescopic lip dock levelers, full panoramic vision panels in the loading bay doors, Hörmann’s self adjusting dock buffers and another new product to Hörmann, the wheel-lock system which locks a vehicle to the bay whilst loading is taking place.

The High Speed Spiral door – HSS, is a relatively new, but already popular, product and is now offered with insulated panels and colour coated. It operates as a high speed door with up to 3m/s opening but has the advantages of being insulated and offering security when closed. It therefore, uniquely, provides all the benefits that would normally require  two traditional doors; a curtain fabric door fast acting in the day, insulated sectional for night security into one.

Another benefit is that the doors are level access to allow side offloading of ASDA goods in delivery vehicles. Operated by an induction loop, the fork lift travels over but, to prevent damage and excess wear rather than close immediately after the fork lift has left the loop area, it will stay open for a maximum period of 10 minutes – which is enough time for the fork lift to travel to the vehicle, collect a pallet and return or place the pallet in the racking.

Alan Jenkins, Director of Hörmann’s commercial division explained; “ASDA was determined to have a building that would operate as efficiently as possible, both in terms of energy usage and operational, as well as continuing to exceed their exemplary safety record.

As part of this process at Didcot, Hörmann were asked to look at the vehicle management process during the loading and unloading of ASDA’s trailers. Hörmann already had a solution for ASDA which would compliment their own procedures and assist them to raise their standards even higher with regards to vehicle management – Hörmanns Wheelblocker.

“This device is designed to keep the truck and trailer securely located against the dock, only releasing the trailer when the loading/unloading process is complete. The use of markings or wheel guides also aid the vehicle driver when parking, helping to ensure maximum safety standards.”

ASDA consultants Tate Consultancy, took the door insulation values and building heating data to calculate the way the doors are designed to operate and not be open more than 10 minutes without activity, the energy saving by heat loss prevention would pay for the doors within 2 years.

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