Nostalgic British alcoholic drinks Hooper’s is once again drawing inspiration from memories of the ‘pop man’ with the creation of two new flavours, Classic Cherryade and Rhubarb & Custard alongside a fresh new look and feel, launching in B&M stores this April.

The introduction of these two new flavours alongside the brand’s best-selling Dandelion & Burdock, will be available from April 20th, perfect timing for warmer weather consumption. The line-up is an ideal addition to any BBQ or relaxing summer evening spent in the garden.

With the brand’s worth currently at £1.3 million, these new flavours will be launching exclusively into B&M. Rhubarb & Custard is a uniquely delicious drink that takes drinkers on a walk down memory lane to happy memories of family sharing the favourite British dessert at  home. Meanwhile Classic Cherryade is a delightfully fizzy drink with a charmingly retro cherry flavour. Both drinks have an RRP of £2 with a 4.0% ABV.

As well as launching two new flavours, Hooper’s will also be debuting a nostalgic new look, with a bright new label modelled on retro pop bottles that is sure to catch consumers eyes and pique their interest. Senior Brand Manager, Charlie Leaver said of the launch:

“We’re excited to celebrate the Great British Seaside with the launch of our new Classic Cherryade and Rhubarb & Custard flavours.

Nostalgia is becoming a growing influence in modern life, with a YouGov survey stating that 90%[1] of the British public spend time reminiscing about the past and 46%[2] of people tend to look back more fondly on certain times of the year such as the summer holidays. Hooper’s nostalgia based campaign “Tastes Just Like…” plays directly into this trend for nostalgia, reminding drinkers of happy days gone by such as long summer days spent enjoying family holidays to the British seaside.

[1] Nielsen RTD dataset 9.11.19

[2] YouGov Nostalgia report Nov. 2019

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