Shane Shortman, Senior Brand Manager, Soups and Francesca Mattiussi, Senior Brand Manager, Heinz Beanz discuss the latest low fat, reduced salt and sugar news.
The two highest health concerns are sugar reduction and eating 5-aday, with healthy snacking also growing in importance. Soup is considered by many to be a healthy meal, and is currently ranked the nation’s 6th and 9th most favourite meals in the Nation’s Top 20 Meals – GB Plate Analysis. Research highlighted that 73% of wet ambient soup consumers are health conscious (Brainjuicer Diet Research Nov 2014) and to meet growing demand for healthier options, last August, Heinz launched a new reduced salt range which meets the voluntary Department of Health Responsibility Deal 2017 salt targets. Heinz Balance provides 25% less salt than the equivalent standard Heinz soup range, offering consumers a reduced salt alternative to popular Heinz recipes without compromising on taste.

As well as offering consumers 25% less salt, the soups also offer no added sugar or alternatively, the Cream of Tomato recipe provides 30% less sugar than the standard Heinz variety. Developed to offer consumers choice, Heinz Balance has performed well in the canned soups category with a 0.5% share*.

This inclusive approach to innovation has ensured that Heinz can offer a broad portfolio of products to consumers – not matter what they are looking for.

The trend has also been mirrored within the beans category, as Heinz Beanz 50% less sugar, 25% less salt performs in the category. Providing consumers with a lower salt and sugar content the standard Heinz Beanz recipe, Kraft Heinz has seen an increase in ROS of 9% vs its previous offering**.

Health is important to consumers, but so is taste and the lower sugar and salt alternative helps deliver on this without compromising on flavour. Heinz Original Salad Cream offers consumers an alternative choice for their salads and sandwiches – as it contains 60% less fat than Mayonnaise. Heinz has also introduced a Heinz Salad Cream Light 70% Less Fat variety to its Salad Cream range, offering consumers a light alternative, without compromising on flavour. Heinz Tomato Ketchup has a lower sugar and salt alternative, with 50% less sugars as well as 25% less salt than regular Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

* Nielsen Scantrack data MAT 21.05.2016

** Nielsen Scantrack ending May


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