This summer healthy snacking expert Kallo are extending their range of rice and corn cakes with the launch of Kallo Kids, a new range developed specifically for children. The launch is a result of Kallo identifying a gap in the market for parents of primary school aged children looking for a healthier lunch box or after school snack.


The range includes Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Thins and Strawberry Yoghurt Rice Cake Thins in eye-catching packaging designed to encourage children to have fun with their food. The packs feature poems, jokes, cut out activities and games to encourage children to enjoy discovering healthier food choices. Each pack also features serving suggestions for fun, animal-themed food art for children to create themselves using pieces of fruit.

Both Kallo Kids products contain five individual portion packs with two rice cakes, the perfect portion for children to enjoy with their lunch or for some added energy after the bell has rung.

Kallo Kids Chocolate and Strawberry Yoghurt rice cakes have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, are gluten free, and are also suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs. The Chocolate Thins contain 121 calories in each portion pack, and the Strawberry Thins contain 126 calories for each portion – perfect for mums as well.

The Kallo Kids range is launching in Sainsbury’s stores throughout June 2014, priced at £2.89 per pack. The introduction of the Kallo Kids range is part of an extensive new product roll out throughout 2014 for Kallo with the aim of becoming the number one consumer choice for a healthier alternative to bread, biscuits and crisps.

Marketing Director Gill Hesketh comments ‘We’re very excited about the launch of Kallo Kids, as these new products represent a unique position for Kallo in the marketplace. To date, no other rice cake products are aimed specifically at this age group. Here at Kallo we want to encourage children to enjoy eating healthily by having fun with their food, which is why we’ve made both the product and packaging as interactive as possible.’


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