hdnl.jpgHome Delivery Network Limited (HDNL) has picked up its second Large Supplier of the Year award in IMRG’s Online Green Awards. Following its success in 2007, the UK’s largest dedicated home delivery and collection service has continued to build upon its achievements in reducing its carbon footprint and increasing efforts to deliver 300,000 parcels to every postcode, every day in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Company focus this year was to be greener at the grassroots level of the business, with an emphasis on cultural change throughout their structure. This grassroots approach engages all 6,500 members of staff across 72 locations and has proved extremely successful, allowing the company to reduce its utilities carbon usage by 490 tonnes for the 07/08 financial period, with other savings being made across the company.

The change has included small scale initiatives such as staff reducing energy expenditure by turning off lights and closing down computers and machinery when not in use. The introduction of more hand held terminals, allowing signatures to be recorded electronically and increasing online parcel tracking has reduced paper waste.

HDNL has also committed to long term recycling at its locations, with Blackpole, one of its specialised operations, pioneering a specific waste trail. Blackpole has been so successful in reducing waste by 45% or 10.75 tonnes of carbon a month that the scheme will be extended to other sites with the same effect. The introduction of a cardboard bailer has also been a success and an additional plastics and cardboard bailer is being installed at an additional site.

HDNL has also increased the availability of the Merridale fuel management system to all of the drivers on the road and at depots. This is a 50% increase and allows measurement of fuel consumption plus driver behaviour, giving the opportunity to highlight areas where fuel efficiency is poor.

Brian Gaunt, Chief Executive of Home Delivery Network Limited said: “We are delighted to except this award for Large Supplier of the Year for the second year running by the IMRG in their OnLine Green Awards. Our strategic focus on getting greener at grass roots has made a promising start, with cutbacks and sustainable practices implemented and tangible savings being made throughout the business.

“Our approach to CSR is a holistic one and we are committed to developing a relevant, credible and sustainable programme.”

Home Delivery Network Limited
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