There are not many people today that would consider they have.

Most prudent Financial Directors have been through their P & L, line by line, looking for timely and necessary cost savings.

Unbeknown to many, even in the most streamlined businesses, there is one area that money is literally being burnt every minute, of every day and night at a rate that means a company like yours could be wasting money measured in tens of thousands of pounds a year. If you run or operate warehousing with lighting that is switched on between 18 and 24 hours a day and between 5 and 7 days a week and you are NOT running the new generation of Ecolighting systems the chances are you have probably just uncovered one of the few remaining financially flabby parts of your business.

Think of it another way – if you looked out of your window right now and saw a colleague about to set a match to £70,000 in cash of the company’s money what would you do? Ignore it?

Lutterworth Ecolighting specialises in helping companies just like yours save tens of thousands of pounds a year (year in year out) on their energy bills. Through the straightforward introduction of a new generation of lighting products they will:-

• Save you in excess of 70% of your lighting energy costs

• Significantly reduce your carbon footprint and the cost of carbon tax

• Reduce maintenance costs

• Enhance Health and Safety in the workplace

• Increase the productivity of your staff working in your “sheds”

• Improve operational efficiency

But don’t take just our word for it. Kevin McGlynn, Logistics Project Manager at Cadbury was responsible for the successful implementation at Cadbury’s, 340,000 square feet Minworth Distribution Centre.

“Energy saving was a key driver… we only committed to a 60% reduction in energy use, in practice we achieved nearer 70%“

Mr McGlynn commented: “The 70% reduction in energy use represents a reduction in 650,000 kW hours or 350 tonnes of CO2 per annum. In pure money terms the old system cost £110,000 a year to light the Minworth site. The new system costs under £40,000.”

Perhaps its time to look outside your window again ? No sign of the colleague, the pile of the cash and the matches? Take a squint at your warehouse, distribution centre or “shed” it may well amount to the same thing!

Lutterworth Ecolighting have already completed two more sites for Cadbury (150,000 square feet in Milton Keynes and 300,000 square feet in Skelmersdale) – energy consumption graphs reduced on a daily basis even during installation.

But the savings don’t stop there. Crucially, with global warming a major concern today, these systems also deliver massive reductions in CO2 emissions. Enabling you to save a fortune – literally – as a participant in the CRC energy efficiency scheme. As Lutterworth Ecolighting MD Martin Needham explains:

“As you’ll know by now, most larger organisations can’t avoid being in this scheme. So the fewer carbon allowances you need to buy, the better. It’s quite complicated, but we can guide you through all the ins and outs of it. We can custom-design a lighting system for you that meets your precise needs, maximises energy efficiency and minimises your CO2 emissions. We’ll handle everything from manufacture to commissioning. And we’ll even help you access the Government grants you’ll be entitled to for going Lutterworth Eco-friendly with us!”

Those grants can be substantial and – together with the massive energy savings already mentioned – will undoubtedly make it financially worthwhile for companies to seriously consider modernising.

“Ignoring the carbon issue just isn’t an option. You’ve now got to address it, by law. We’ll give you a cutting edge system that’ll help you improve productivity, save thousands in energy costs and CO2 emissions, and find you a grant for it. I know I’m probably biased, but I haven’t yet found the down-side!”

Want to think about it for another year?

As Mr. McGlynn concluded: “If Cadbury had chosen to stay with the existing type of system, that saving opportunity [£70,000] would have been lost”

To arrange a no obligation meeting with a specialist from Lutterworth Ecolighting email or call 01455 552511

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