Leading dog food brand Harringtons is launching a heavyweight integrated marketing campaign on September 1st that aims to promote the brand to a wider audience. The campaign – the brand’s largest to date – includes an initial 4-week, +£1million TV advertising burst to promote the brand’s core attributes of natural goodness and well-being.
Harringtons’ Facebook followers will be able to see an exclusive preview of the commercial from August 31st. The TV commercial, filmed across locations in Leeds, was produced by London and Leeds agency CreativeRace and will be shown in 30 secs and 20 secs formats.

A new Harringtons website will feature as part of the launch which will be also supported by extensive PR, digital and social media activity as brand owner Inspired Pet Nutrition looks to further boost consumer awareness. Sales have grown by 40% in value terms and 35% in volume terms during the 12 months ending 21/5/2016. Over the same period, Harringtons has also recorded the largest percentage value increase (3.2%) in market share of any UK dry dog food.1 In conjunction with the campaign, Harringtons are launching a new Hyopallergenic range available in three flavours; lamb with brown rice, salmon and sweet potato and turkey with brown rice. These will be in 2kg and 5kg bagged formats with respective RRPs of £4.50 and £9.50 which will be available to all channels.

Dan Reeves, Marketing Manager at Harringtons, said: “The TV ad features a typical conversation between two dog owners walking their pets with one of them extolling the benefits of Harringtons. The commercial catches the viewer’s attention by using background sounds while winding through a variety of natural scenes that are designed to promote the brand’s wholesome goodness.

“The campaign represents a significant investment in the brand which is currently storming ahead of its competitors. In the under 10kg dry dog food sector, the three Harringtons brands in the top 10 are the only ones to show any growth with the lamb and rice SKU up a staggering 77 per cent2.”

Chris McCash, Development Director at CreativeRace, said: “Harringtons is a highly recommended brand and we simply wanted to show this happening without too much “adland” speak. Capturing two friends’ conversation, on a dog walk, was the obvious choice.”

1AC Nielsen Dry Dog (Total Coverage) 52 weeks MAT 21/5/2016 Value & Volume 2AC Nielsen 52 weeks Grocery Multiples <10kg Dry Dog 21/5/2016


For further information please visit www.harringtonspetfood.com

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