In the past cleaning the loo has meant using bleach, specialist cleaner or both to feel really confident of having a sparkling and germ free loo. When Harpic, the leading name in lavatory care, saw that around 40% of shoppers bought both products in order to ensure their loos were squeaky clean, it knew that there was a place for a brand new Harpic solution – Harpic White & Shine – a specialist loo cleaner that includes bleaching agents.

Going into store now, Harpic White & Shine with its baking soda and bleaching ingredients gives complete white and shine action for a sparkling clean loo that is germ free – and smells good! The Harpic White & Shine range has a completely new range of fresh fragrances: as well as Original, White & Shine is available in Fresh Citrus and the innovative new Eucalyptus & Mint Variant. Harpic White & Shine provides the required strong bleach action without the strong bleach smell.  Presented in eye-catching white livery Harpic White & Shine has real shopper impact on shelf and sits naturally between the specialist and bleach products. With its germ kill properties and baking soda for ultimate shine, New Harpic White & Shine is the perfect solution for a sparkling loo.

The new range will have major marketing support in the New Year as part of the regular Harpic TV and digital presence from the end of January and the brand will be high profile for shoppers across the year as well as appearing in retailers Spring Cleaning events. Harpic White & Shine will be available at all major outlets and carries a RRP of £1.99 for 750ml.

“Our research with consumers has shown that there is a definite desire for a Harpic product that brings all the benefits of specialist loo products and the germ kill and confidence that comes from using bleach. A massive 40% of householders use both specialist cleaners and bleach – and new Harpic White & Shine does means a sparlking while loo that is  germ free clean and smells  really fresh!  Consumers want that reassurance” commented RB UK Marketing Director, Jerome Lemaire.

Harpic White & Shine has already been successfully introduced in France and Australia.

Reckitt Benckiser (RB)

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