wisemansbottlefilling1Helping to further reduce downtime and increase profitability, Halo Support Services has recently successfully completed a two-year On Demand Training (ODT) project for Robert Wiseman Dairies (RWD). The fully interactive e-learning tool uses stimulating animation, video and audio commentary to provide training and reference material for RWD engineers using the company Automation System across six dairy sites. Halo also supplied Operator Training for every aspect of the newly opened Bridgewater facility.

The Automation Project was commissioned after Halo conducted an in depth needs analysis which included interviewing maintenance engineers based at the Droitwich dairy. The main objective was to provide an easy to use training solution and accompanying reference material that would allow engineers to efficiently diagnose and correct faults within the automation system at RWD facilities located at Aberdeen, Bellshill, Cairn Place, Droitwich and Manchester, with the aim of further reducing downtime and increasing profitability. Some of the Halo training was generic but other material was site specific, since the automation system differed at each site.

Following completion of the Automation Project, Halo was asked to provide operator training for the new Bridgewater Dairy. Halo split this training into self contained modules which can be used to train new staff or accessed individually for reference or re-training purposes. As it is multimedia based, Halo’s ODT concept can be used for self learning or as the core content of a classroom-based training course.

This back to basics training commences with an introductory section that shows the role of the dairy within the whole process from cows to the supermarket shelf. The remainder is split into two major sections. The raw milk processing contains a full explanation of the standardisation, pasteurisation and homogenisation. The principles of automation are covered and the specific Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system used at Bridgewater is described in detail. Other modules cover safe storage, processing and distribution of milk. A section is included explaining the principles of Clean In Place (CIP) and the procedures employed by RWD.

The filling hall training starts with an introduction to milk grades, bottle sizes and sleeving. A training module explains the process from raw milk and empty bottles to filled bottles loaded on to a trolley ready to enter the distribution chain. Detailed guidance is included for all the major dairy equipment such as sleevers, fillers, trolley packers and product handling.  Batch changeover is described for each area of the filling hall. In addition, there is a module dedicated to routine cleaning of each piece of equipment including CIP. Bottle and trolley handling procedures are also included.

As well as ODT, Halo now offers a wider range of solutions to equipment manufacturers and end users in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical production and processing markets, all of which are designed to further improve production efficiencies and have a positive impact on the bottom line.
Halo’s expanded portfolio is geared towards ensuring better and more efficient use of production equipment within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets. Mainly aimed at improving communications techniques, it includes operational and service manuals, health & safety documentation, standard operating procedures, as well as sales and marketing support materials.

In addition, for customers requiring a higher level of support, Halo is able to utilise its extensive engineering and technical expertise to conduct complete reviews of plant processes and operating procedures.

For further information or a demonstration CD, please contact: John Craig, Halo Support Services, Tel: 01635 201768 Email: TheOffice@halosupport.co.uk or visit www.halosupport.co.uk

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