gunnebo-31.jpgGunnebo is a security group with companies in 25 countries and a presence in a further 100 markets. Gunnebo offers security products and solutions to banks, retail, facilities which require high-security protection and enterprises which require effective and secure storage. The Group has a turnover of MSEK 7,000 and 6,700 employees. Gunnebo UK Ltd, a member of the Swedish-based Gunnebo Security Group, is best known for the manufacture, supply and installation of physical security products and has at its disposal some of the world’s leading brand names in security: Chubbsafes, Rosengrens, Ritzenthaler, Elkosta and Troax.

The range mainly includes burglar and fire resistant safes, as well as security products and systems for secure cash handling for the retail and bank industries, electronic security systems, fire protection, entrance control, access control and indoor and outdoor perimeter protection such as high security fencing, vehicle barriers and road blockers. Gunnebo UK is split into four main customer focused segments: retail, banks, site protection and secure storage.

The retail business line focuses on providing efficient products and solutions for the retail sector to help manage the flow of goods and cash whilst providing high security. The main products in this range include internal and external security doors, cash safes and security cabinets, internal and external high security ATM enclosures, plus internal and external cash transfer units, SafePay™; cash automation and electronics. The Gunnebo product portfolio is ever expanding and in 2008 they added Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) to the list.

Gunnebo AB has grown not only organically but through acquisition and four years ago expanded the security product involvement by purchasing Gateway an EAS manufacturer. Gateway have been manufacturing EAS systems for over fifteen years, providing solutions for many major retail clients throughout Europe. Gateway has historically managed these accounts through strategically appointing distribution partners within each country, something which continues today.

Gateway is unique in being the only manufacturer to produce all four technologies, 58kHz Acousto-Magnetic (AM), 8.2MHz Radio Frequency (RF), Electro Magnetic (EM) and the totally unique (RM) an amalgamation of Electro Magnetic and Radio Frequency technologies. This means that Gunnebo can with some confidence offer unbiased advice to their clients ensuring the correct technology is provided.

Gateway, as a Swedish company, places emphasis on offering clean lines and aesthetically pleasing designs for their antennas. The range of Gunnebo Gateway EAS products includes various hard tags, safers (secure polycarbonate cases for use where tags and labels aren’t suitable), labels, electronic deactivation and detachers.

An important part of what Gunnebo UK’s offering is their after sales service and support. With 58 field based engineers located within geographical hotspots they can ensure that a customer’s equipment is up and running in a timely manner with minimal disruption to the operation of the business.

RF Technology
One of the things that Gunnebo Gateway has produced is the GateNet® technology. Gateway’s new GateNet® technology software manages communication between you and your Gateway Radio Frequency EAS system. GateNet® can be individually tailored to fit any customer’s specific requirements.

There are 3 main stages of the GateNet® software package.

Allows your EAS system to be serviced over the internet or via a GSM modem. This will greatly improve operational reliability reducing servicing times from hours to minutes, reducing disruption to the store environment and minimizing servicing costs.

GateNet® Surveillance
Enables the status of any number of Gateway EAS systems to be monitored from a central location. Each individual system provides data to a central location over the internet. The software then displays the information in chart or report form detailing whether the system is operational at any given time and the number of system alarms. This leads to improved system performance and highlights any issues with particular stores. It can also be used in conjunction with Gateservice® to reduce system downtime.

GateNet® Store Management
Has all the advantages of GateNet® Surveillance with the added benefit of providing accurate directional customer footfall information.
In conjunction with our Designergate® People Count antenna, The GateNet® Store Management software will provide accurate and directional customer footfall data either locally or to a head office location.

This enables you to compare customer footfall information between different stores to assess staffing requirements, effectiveness of advertising promotions and viability of opening hours.

gunnebo-032.jpgThe software also logs any EAS alarms to give you system performance and status information. All this data can be displayed in chart; graph or report form using a Microsoft Windows based PC.

The designer gate people counter can be used on multiple entrances within the store and gives information specific to each entrance.
The system can be used on any size entrance from a single doorway to a large open plan design.

GateNet Store Management®  removes the need for expensive stand alone footfall monitoring systems whilst providing an effective and stylish deterrent to retail theft.

The newly launched Designergate Prisma®, improving on the already stylish Designergate® product is available with up lighting which can be tuned to glow in your corporate colours or slowly scan through a range of colours. We also offer the facility of etching corporate logos into the antenna which when coupled with the up-lighting gives a three-dimensional illusion. Definitely a product for the style conscious retailer. The Designergate works using RF technology. We also offer Metal Detection within the Designergate product.

There are 11 different antennas within the RF range ensuring a solution to suit all applications and budgets.

AM Technology
Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology is ideal for clothing retailers and department stores, as well as outlets selling cosmetics, hardware and electrical goods. No other technology is able to provide protection over such great distances. Another benefit is that the technology makes it possible to work with small discreet hard tags and labels. There are 5 antenna designs within the AM range ensuring a suitable product for any need.

gunnebo_logo.jpg“Gunnebo UK have now entered the half year period with the promotion of the Gateway products directly and we have already enjoyed providing EAS systems to several high street retailers, surely with many more to come.

“I truly believe that Gunnebo UK are the only one-stop security provider with the range of products and services we provide. From locksmithing work to the manufacturing of bespoke high security enclosures.”

Jamie Barton Business Development Manager (Retail Automation).

For further information please contact:
Jamie Barton, Business Development Manager (Retail Automation)
Address: Gunnebo UK Ltd, Ronald Close, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7SH
Tel: 01234 840840
Fax: 01234 840333

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