Offering a genuinely different choice in baby milk, a ground-breaking brand based on whole goat milk, is attracting increasing attention from the large multiples as well as the consumer. 2016 alone saw NANNycare’s range of infant formula milks launched in and ASDA in H1 with ASDA then extending the distribution from circa 50 to almost 200 stores in October. NANNYcare went into approx. 200 Sainsbury’s stores in August. It is also available in Waitrose and Ocado.

NANNYcare’s range taps into customer demand for alternative and more premium formula milks with the overwhelming majority of other formula brands on supermarket shelves based on cow’s milk. As well as Stage 1 & Stage 2 formulas, NANNYcare also offers a fortified Toddler milk for over one year of age. This has a higher base level of goat milk than Stage 1 & 2 and is lower in sodium and saturated fat than ordinary goat milk.

Another defining characteristic of NANNYcare’s fomulas is that they are far less processed than other formula brands which generally use skimmed milk (with added whey) as their base. Instead NANNYcare use the whole goat milk which is a wholesome and easy to digest source of proteins and exclude any unnecessary ingredients. This approach overall minimises the need for synthetic additions. The result is a range of more naturally-based formulas which are gentle on a baby’s delicate and immature digestive system.

Published research is highlighting a consumer trend towards premiumisation and more naturally based milks. Retailers are recognising that parents, wanting only the best for their babies, are seeking out high quality alternatives to more traditional milks. Whilst commanding a premium price (and delivering a high cash margin), research highlights that price is a secondary factor when it comes to the health and wellbeing of a child.

Bringing goat based formulas to the UK market has long since been a passion for NANNYcare’s Managing Director Claire Magee. With an unwavering belief, the company successfully campaigned to eventually achieve an amendment to the EU Infant and Follow on Directive to now recognise goat milk as a base in formula milk alongside cow’s and soy milk. Since this breakthrough development in March 2014, market and customer interest in NANNYcare products has risen rapidly.

The growing interest and love for the brand was underlined by the votes NANNYcare received putting it clearly in the Top Ten baby foods in the 2015/16 Top 100 Baby Products Guide. The Top 100 Baby Products Guide is voted for by parents and it was of significance that there were only two other leading formula milk brands in the list.

Claire says: “It’s been a long, long journey and at times tough to keep going but a sense of real belief in our products and caring for our customer saw us through and eventually paid off. Breast feeding is without doubt best for babies but NANNYcare formulas provide a genuinely different and more naturally-based alternative for formulafed babies. We’re feeling very proud to now see NANNYcare products sit alongside the more traditional brands on supermarket shelves”.

NANNYcare for customers

Breast milk is unequivocally the best nutritional choice for infants. For those mums, however, who choose to use infant formula exclusively, for whatever reason, or to complementary feed they need to find a formula that suits their baby. Many formulafed babies suffer from colic, constipation, reflux or other minor feeding issues.

Research shows that 96% of parents of such babies don’t go to see the doctor but simply try switching to a different brand but until now, mums could only choose another cow’s milk based formula. However, NANNYcare offers mums a new choice with a genuinely DIFFERENT protein source, goat milk, and as such may be more likely to make a difference.

NANNYcare for retailers

Published research is highlighting a consumer trend towards premium milks. Now is a good time for retailers to capitalise on this by reviewing their formula range to ensure they include premium products, even when space is limited. Whilst commanding a premium price (and delivering a high cash margin), research highlights that price is a secondary factor when it comes to the health and wellbeing of a child.

• NANNYcare formula milks are high retail value, offer a high cash margin and have up to 30-months shelf life

• Once a Mum chooses NANNYcare for her baby, she is less likely to switch and more likely to make regular repeat purchases.

• NANNYcare infant formula is the only clinically proven goat milk infant formula worldwide

The NANNYcare Range

1. First infant milk Age 0- 12 months Format 400g & 900g Powder

2. Follow on milk Age 6-12 months Format 900g Powder SRP

3. Growing up milk Age 1-3 years Format 400g & 900g Powder


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