Today’s grocers are battling intense competition, touch point and channel proliferation, rising commodity costs and increasingly instrumented, interconnected and informed shoppers that rapidly shift their buying behavior. To remain relevant and competitive, grocers have to know what customers want, provide it when and where they want it at a price that they believe shows value.

Revionics’ End-to-End Merchandise Optimistion solutions help grocers implement shopper-centric strategies for assortment rationalization; micro and macro-space allocation; social commerce programs; and pricing, promotions and markdowns across all channels and touch points.

Over 31,000 retail locations optimize weekly with Revionics. Our solutions provide complete transparency into the why and how behind a recommendation making adoption easy and fast. As a result, our grocers typically see a 12 fold ROI through gross margin and revenue improvements!

Protect your turf and compete more profitably with data-driven facts rather than gut feel.

Revionics® Price Optimisation blends pricing science, business rules and pricing strategy with the power of simulation to recommend optimal zone, channel and segment pricing. This product enables grocers to understand the impact of price elasticity, competitive activity, cost changes and product seasonality on shopper demand, price image and competitive positioning.

Revionics® Promotion Optimisation identifies the best items and offers by segment, channel and promotional vehicle. Understanding product affinities and promotional uplift enables grocers to profitably exploit products which incentivize shoppers to purchase more and more often. On-demand modeling permits analysis of offer combinations, layouts and promotion profitability while exploiting trade-funds.

Revionics® Assortment Optimisation enables grocers to utilize a strategy driven methodology to ensure that assortments are rationalized rationally by incorporating demand-based science, market basket, loyalty and local market data into merchandise decisions. Prioritized add, retain and delete recommendations are directly tied to space planning tools, minimizing out-of-stock and overstock situations.

Revionics® Space Optimisation maximizes return on space by right-sizing stores, departments and categories. Incorporates marginal trade-offs and incremental profitability associated with alternative space allocations with local market data by utilizing demand-based science product-level information for on/off-POG items and predictive analytics to make recommendations that exploit expansion, extension and contraction opportunities.

Revionics® Social Commerce enables retailers to engage and motivate their most loyal, influential shoppers, turning them into advocates amongst their social networks, resulting in the acquisition of new shoppers. Leveraging cutting edge social technologies and the power of optimization, this product turns buzz into business through tailor-made engagements and incentives.


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