Introducing a partner who will take proper care of you – and your surplus, unsold food. 

All grocery stores have those days. Those days on which customers don’t buy the food on shelves, or trade is quieter than expected. When donation plans collapse because your food isn’t right for charity needs – or you lack the time and staff to transport the food.

No one likes throwing good food away. But for a long time, food waste has been an inevitability that all grocery stores have had to grapple with – and the only reliable partner for dealing with surplus food has been the bin. 

This Valentine’s Day, we think you deserve someone better.

We’re an app called Too Good To Go, and we’d be a great partner for you – and for your unsold food. Why?

    • We’re well connected. As the world’s largest food waste fighting app, we have 3 million UK customers, ready to buy unsold food.
    • We know what makes you tick. Having satisfied the needs of 1000 UK grocery stores, we know how to keep you satisfied too.
    • We can put money in your pocket. Our system means you earn incremental revenue on food that would otherwise be thrown away.
    • We’re easy going. Our simple-to-use system can be integrated effortlessly into everyday operations
    • We’re one of the good guys. In 2020 alone, we saved 1,345,000 ‘Magic Bags’ of surplus, unsold food from going to waste across the UK. In terms of CO2e, that saved the equivalent of 662 round-the-world flights. Honeymoon trip, anyone?

This Valentine’s Day, end your long-term relationship with the bin. It’s time to welcome Too Good To Go into your world.

Cheesy pick-up lines aside, food waste is one of the most important environmental problems facing our planet. Too Good To Go is the app that connects your unsold food to customers who want to buy and enjoy it – so your food gets eaten, not wasted. So – are you ready to break up with food waste? Visit to find out more.

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