supermarket-energy-use-diag.jpgWith an increasing focus on carbon footprint and green credentials shoppers now demand that retailers make environmental policy a top priority. Saying that your business is doing its utmost to reduce its impact on the environment is not enough, businesses need to prove it and find new solutions to manage their energy consumption. Facilities such as lighting, heating, air conditioning and electronic displays are vital in attracting footfall and creating a welcoming retail environment, whilst refrigeration, office equipment and till points are essential pieces of equipment, but all can be costly to the bottom line to operate and detrimental to the planet if functioning incorrectly.

One energy management solution taking the retail sector by storm is the use of remotely accessible building energy management systems which help retailers pin point the energy wasting areas of their shop floors saving them both in terms of hard cash and boosting their carbon credits.

Leading energy specialist t-mac Technologies Ltd has developed the t-mac device, an effective and practical energy regulating solution, which enables users to monitor exactly where and how much energy is being used at any given time and consequently helping to reduce consumption and waste.

t-mac is easy to use and can provide instant results. It can be operated remotely over the internet and even send email or text alerts when pre-set conditions change, levels are too high, or when equipment is used out of hours, enabling retailers to eliminate problems before they escalate in time and expense.

The device also produces easy-to-read reports so that retailers can gain an understanding of and see unusual patterns of energy consumption. These reports can also be used to draw up a plan to reduce energy, meet Government targets and act as proof that the building is operating in an energy efficient manner.

A significant benefit of t-mac to the retail environment is that it can also monitor multiple sites, allowing retailers to monitor a number of their outlets from one location, e.g. the head office. For example, if a retailer has a number of sites throughout the UK, managers can log on via the internet – and remotely – via GPRS technology – view their buildings’ temperatures, turn on/off heating or increase air conditioning to regulate temperature accordingly.

Devices can also monitor footfall enabling retailers to cross-examine data with sales information whilst also allowing instant access to important statistics. Gathered energy consumption data can also be checked against utility bills to ensure there are no discrepancies over invoices between suppliers and users.

As shoppers become green spenders, employing energy-sapping lighting and cranking up the heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, all to the detriment of the environment will eventually deter customers. Retailers now need to shout about their green credentials otherwise customers will vote with their feet.

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