The award winning food brand, Atkins and Potts, have just received their 11th Great Taste Gold Award for their delicious Seafood Sauce with Lemon Zest and Dill. Made with free range eggs and based on the Atkins and Potts philosophy of classic flavours with a contemporary twist, the added lemon zest and dill makes this Seafood Sauce irresistible.

The 11 Great Taste Gold Awards that Atkins and Potts have won over the last six years span many of their ranges; Chipotle Chilli Jam, Hollandaise Sauce, Beetroot and Horseradish Relish and Wasabi and Lime Dressing to name a few. The heart of their kitchen philosophy is the use of quality ingredients to produce great depth of flavour using generous amounts of the principal ingredients, not just token amounts.

Atkins and Potts create classic flavours but with a contemporary twist. All the products are produced in the Atkins and Potts kitchens in Ball Hill on the Berkshire/Hampshire border. Everything is produced in small batches to retain maximum flavour and texture.

You can order up your jar of Seafood Sauce with Lemon Zest and Dill, along with other great products on the new Atkins and Potts website. The new website also allows customers to locate their nearest farm shop or deli that stocks Atkins and Potts products.

Available direct from Atkins and Potts or from a variety of distributors. All our products are packed in cases of six and minimum order for free delivery is only 8 cases with discount structure starting at just 16 cases. Our Seafood Sauce is ambient stable so won’t take up valuable chiller space.

Atkins and Potts Ltd

Tel: 01635 254249


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