The rise of the lunchtime Grab & Go market has resulted in an increased demand for front of house display chillers. A food display chiller should have an effective refrigeration system combined with high performance insulation, so that the cabinet temperature is always within its set parameters for safe food storage , typically 2 to 5°C for holding sandwiches, dairy, drinks and other pre-packed products, and 5 to 8°C to chill cakes, croissants, open sandwiches and similar goods in top condition, in ambients of up to 25°C.

Williams-launches-Gem-Sandwich-Chiller-for-the-Grab-and-Go-sectorIn the Grab & Go market an attractive and easily accessible selection will promote uptake. However, traditional open-fronted designs have been energy-hungry, since much of the cold in the cabinet is lost into the environment.

Williams’ open-fronted sandwich chiller has an air curtain system to save energy and keep the products at a safe temperature without restricting access. Careful angling of the ‘curtain’ ensures that, once it has done its job, nearly all the cold air is recycled, either into the cabinet, helping to maintain temperature, or by being drawn through vents and grills to cool the refrigeration system itself and thus reduce energy consumption.

It’s all about presentation and catching the customer’s eye. Display units, such as the Williams Multidecks, offer a choice of stainless steel colour finishes and LED strip lighting to enhance presentation and blend in with the surrounding decor.

The Williams Sandwich chiller allows the night blind, when it is rolled up, to be stored in such a way that it leaves the whole of the top shelf clear for display. Another space-saving measure is the air wall, this allows products to be loaded right up to the rear of the cabinet, with no gap and no risk of compromising food safety. It also makes life easier for staff restocking the unit, and avoids the risk of customers inadvertently moving stock and blocking the airflow.

Williams Refrigeration offers a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration including gastronorm cabinets and counters, specialist bakery equipment, coldrooms, merchandisers and blast chillers.

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