As snacking culture booms in the UK, with 95% admitting to snacking on a regular basis, plant-based and free from brand Gosh! launch NEW chilled, ready-to-eat, healthy Snack Bites in two tasty flavours.[1]

The chilled, meat-free category is currently worth £311million, experiencing 29% YOY growth and snacks are a popular and growing format, valued at £50M. Gosh! is currently outperforming the category, growing at 35% YOY, resulting in it being one of the fastest-growing brands.[2]

In the height of lockdown, as of May 2020, ‘healthy snacks’ were high on the agenda with the term reaching its highest peak in Google searches since 2015.[3] Currently, nearly half of adults in the UK (40%) feel guilty about snacking and over a third of adults (36%) feel self-conscious eating unhealthy snacks in front of others.[4] As well, coinciding with the new government initiative focusing on reducing obesity in the UK – consumers are expressing a strong appetite for a health-conscious diet, starting with snacks. New, tasty Gosh! Snack Bites made from 100% natural ingredients, answer this ever-growing consumer need for a variety of healthy options.

As healthy eating continues to dominate the agenda, shoppers are looking to fill their baskets and stock their fridges with healthy, nutritious treats. Gosh! currently delivers a high level of incrementality for retailers, with most of the brand’s growth coming from new category arrivals or current shoppers adding Gosh! to their repertoire. The launch of Snack Bites is another opportunity to drive further incremental growth, in what is a high-demand space.[5]

Interest in plant-based food has soared, with 25% of UK millennials and one in ten Brits, claiming a vegan diet is more appealing following lockdown[6]. As the plant-based sector gains more and more consumers, and snacking remains at the heart of the UK’s diet, now is the time for retailers to expand their offering, ensuring consumers have a wide selection of ready-to-eat, plant-based snacks to choose from. The focus on plant-based is also steadily shifting towards a more specific focus on natural products, something which Gosh! can claim for its whole range which contains 100% natural ingredients.

Set to change the face of snacking, catering for all diets, flexitarian, plant-based, free from and vegetarian, new Gosh! Snack Bites come in two tasty flavours:

  • Smokey BBQ Sweet Potato: inspired by the deep South, these BBQ bites are bursting with smokey flavour. Expertly baked with sweet potato, sweetcorn and black beans, with a balanced blend of herbs and spices
  • Moroccan Spiced Veg: inspired by the cuisine of North Africa, these bites provide a delicate mix of sweet and spice. Chickpeas and red pepper are expertly blended with dates, apricots, spices and herbs

William Topp Marketing Manager at Gosh! Food says, “There’s an ever-growing demand for healthy, plant-based snacks and we believe that we are entering this category with a truly unique offering, in a convenient format. Not many products are genuinely tasty and healthy, yet we are confident that we have achieved this with our all-natural Snack Bites. Whether it is adding them to your lunchbox or giving yourself a pick me up throughout the day, we believe these are a great addition to the snack market as a whole”.

New Snack Bites launch nationwide in Morrisons’ free-from chilled aisle, and in Tesco’s plant-based chilled aisle from November onwards.

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