– €1m contract boosts warehouse productivity by up to 95%

– Accuracy improved 600%

– Pick speed increased from 160 to 260 per hour

Glanbia Consumer Products, the largest branded food supplier into the Irish grocery sector, and part of Glanbia plc (the global nutritional solutions and cheese group), has transformed its warehouse distribution following the implementation of a Heavey RF Group automated mobile voice technology €1m contract.

Glanbia Consumer Products produces household brands such as ‘Avonmore’, ‘Premier’, ‘Yoplait’, ‘Kilmeaden’, ‘Snowcream’, ‘Petits Filous’, and ‘CMP’, currently employs just under 650 people at eight locations throughout Ireland and processes almost 300 million litres of milk annually. The business unit supplies over 4,000 customers with almost two million consumer packs each day.

Glanbia has implemented the Heavey RF VocalPoint™ automated voice solution across five of its Consumer Products sites including two milk manufacturing facilities and three food and milk/cream warehouses. Heavey RF also worked closely with Glanbia’s IT team to implement an interface to Glanbia’s SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

The installation has boosted productivity in one warehouse by up to 95%. Stock picking accuracy improved in that same warehouse by 600%, resulting in a reduction of credit claims by 45%. Pick speed improved from 160 to 260 cases per hour.

“The Heavey RF VocalPoint™ voice implementation has had a direct impact on our bottom line,” commented John Mee, Supply Chain Manager, Glanbia Consumer Products. “In addition, we always had good customer service levels, but with the improved traceability voice provides, our customer approval ratings have soared.”

He added, “Heavey RF took the time to walk through the operation and helped us create a bespoke solution in what is a complex and demanding environment.”

“Improving the accuracy of warehouse stock selection and delivery is vital for all distributors and manufacturers but especially in the case of perishable goods with sell by dates as in the case of Glanbia,” commented Ronan Clinton, CEO, Heavey RF Group.

The Heavey RF VocalPoint™ solution replaced a paper based manual system with resulting benefits in accuracy and productivity. Instead of managing and processing unwieldy paper, the warehouse and manufacturing solution provides automated voice directions to users leaving their hands and eyes free to concentrate on the task at hand, and ultimately maintaining high standards of satisfaction amongst their customers.

For more information, please go to www.heaveyrf.com

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