GALAXY® has unveiled a new on-pack redesign alongside several new NPD’s to kick off the brand’s new modern, confident and unapologetic direction for 2021

Mars Wrigley UK has heralded a new era for GALAXY® – the second biggest confectionery brand in the UK[1] – with an exciting bold new look packaging redesign, alongside the launch of GALAXY® Orange Block and GALAXY® Fusions.

This year, the iconic brand celebrated its 60th year in market. As it looks towards the new year, GALAXY® has revealed how it will continue to stay relevant and recruit the next generation of consumers for years to come.

The packaging redesign is set to modernise the brand for a new era, with the new design packs officially rolling out from the end of December 2020 across the entire core and seasonal portfolio. After rigorous consumer testing Mars Wrigley UK identified that the new on-pack design resulted in higher purchase intent compared to the current branding, with consumers agreeing that it was easier to read and more modern[2]. The bold new look is set to drive conversation and increase basket spend, resulting in a positive impact for shoppers, the wider category and retailers alike.

Further to this and set to continue driving sales for retailers and engaging shoppers across the country, is the launch of GALAXY® Orange Block.

2020 has seen versions of the UK’s favourite sweet treats getting a zesty refresh and GALAXY® is on track continue meeting consumer demand into the new year. Mars Wrigley UK know that orange is one of the most popular flavours within confectionery, growing a whopping 20% in the last two years and GALAXY® Orange Block is set to grow this flavour further.[3]

GALAXY® Orange Block will be available in large block, PMP and single from March 2021.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there! After successfully demonstrating its ability to stretch into the premium space, with the launch of GALAXY® Truffles and GALAXY® Vegan, the brand is continuing this journey with the launch of GALAXY® Fusions, a new range of deliciously indulgent chocolate bars. 

With the premium block segment growing by 19%[4] over the last year alone, GALAXY® Fusions will tap into this ongoing success and look to expand the category further by introducing an accessible premium offering to the young adult shopper. With exciting activity driving sales towards the GALAXY® brand throughout 2021, it is the perfect time to enter the premium block category.

Designed to attract new shoppers and inject excitement into the premium block category, the GALAXY® Fusions range will be available in three distinctive flavor combinations: Blonde Chocolate with Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate with 70% Cocoa and Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Meringue. The adventurous flavours and contemporary packaging, alongside the signature GALAXY® smooth texture, are bound to delight consumers and retailers alike, inspiring the next generation of pleasure seekers.

GALAXY® Fusions will be available market wide in late 2021, following an exclusive launch at Sainsbury’s in January.

Speaking about GALAXY®s new year plans, Ellyse O’Connor, Senior Brand Manager, GALAXY®, said: “Like all big brands, GALAXY® must continue to evolve. 2021 will really be the year of GALAXY® with our beautiful, bold new pack designs, exciting campaigns and NPD launches. We know that the new re-design will attract new customers and boost sales for retailers by standing out on shelves and start conversation. We can’t wait until retailers have the new packs on their shelves! 

“But while GALAXY® is looking beautiful on the outside, we’re also re-thinking about what is inside. While our iconic smooth chocolate remains, we’re thrilled to kick off 2021 with our NPD announcements with GALAXY® Orange Block and GALAXY® Fusions. The new vibrant and adventurous flavours are bound to drive sales and are the perfect fit to complement the fresh new look and feel of the brand. But that’s not all, we can’t wait to unveil more exciting news throughout the new year as we continue to empower the nation to ‘Choose Pleasure’ – watch this space!”

GALAXY® has been building the momentum on this journey for over two years, with the brand launching its new ‘Choose Pleasure’ campaign, the Sorry not Sorry podcast with Gemma Cairney, as well as NPD’s such as GALAXY® Vegan, GALAXY® Truffles and the first experiential activation at Blenheim Palace in 2019. While 2020 brought challenges for many, the momentum behind GALAXY® continued, with a second podcast series featuring Emily Atack and Nicola Adams, and an Instagram partnership with VOGUE this year.

The bold new re-design will be supported by an exciting and visually striking campaign seen across TV, digital, social and influencer activity. Due to kick off in April, retailers are encouraged to push sales and visibility of existing GALAXY® packaging to make room for the new and improved designs.

While 2021 will see many changes for the GALAXY® brand, the quality ingredients and distinctive GALAXY® texture that is as smooth as silk remain the same.

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